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Korg Volca Modular and Mushroom

Mushrooms think, therefore they ambient.

Documentary Synth

Moog – Documentary

Classic 2004 American documentary film by Hans Fjellestad about electronic instrument pioneer Robert Moog. Nice production and well worth a gander if you missed it the first time around.

Ambient Review

Cat Tyson Hughes – Roses in the Casement Window

Rounding off an impressive debut year for Quiet Details, we have the gloriously ethereal ‘Roses in the Casement Window’ from Cat Tyson Hughes. The album unfolds like a dream, with Cat’s vocals cascading over deep, undulating bass, creating expansive sonic realms that resonate with emotion and honesty.

Delicate melodies emerge through the clouds of sound, revealing a meticulous layering of textures and harmonies. The combination of vocal and synth harmonies, intertwined with field recordings and electro-acoustic elements, results in a sonic tapestry that is unmistakably Cat’s own. Her ability to weave constant movement and endless layers creates soundscapes that transport the listener to an otherworldly realm.

Out now via Quiet Details bandcamp

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You Have to Go Into the Unknown

“Friedrich believed that man should not paint what he saw in the outside world but what he saw inside of himself. Of course, Friedrich’s mind was far from a springtime in bloom so his paintings often focused on cold, dark winters and intensely stark landscapes” – Horses

Ambient Video

Terry Riley – Morning Corona

Some days (more often than not atm) we just need to whack on some Terry Riley and transport the mind to a tranquil state.

Ambient Avant Garde Electro-Acoustic Experimental Field Recording Minimal Review

Top Freqs of 2023

Another fine year for music here in the flatlands.
Here are our ten most frequented frequencies of the past 12 months. Go check them out and support the artists!

1. Tape Loop Orchestra – Onde Sinusoi​̈​dale Et Bande Magne​́​tique

2. S. Costa – The Radiant Point

3. Cate Brooks – Easel Studies

4. T.Jervell & ChromaDots – Faksfjord / Fragsfjord

5. Field Lines Cartographer – Tone Maps

6. Elia Piana – Sotto l​’​Albero Tutto Si Copre

7. Anagrams – Blue Voices

8. Night Gestalt – The Staring Night

9. VirusMoto –

10. Sundheim – Glades of Flowering Stone

Computer Music Documentary Synth

Laurie Spiegel – Waveshaper TV

Excellent 3-part documentary on one of my favourite musicians of modern times, Laurie Speigel

Documentary Drone Experimental Film Synth

Eliane Radigue – IMA Fiction Portrait #04 (2006)

Fourth in the IMA Portraits series, this short introduces us to the life and work of electronic/contemporary composer Eliane Radigue. Radigue discusses methods of composition, the challenges and difficulties of live electronic music, as well as biographical episodes with Pierre Henry and her own goals in soundscape production and consumption. A lucid portrait of a dream manufacturer.

Review Software

Rob Papen – eXplorer-9

Rob Papen Inspiration Soundware has unveiled the eXplorer-9, an enhanced bundle featuring 30 plug-ins.

Notable additions include the upgraded Go2-X, an improved version of the original Go2 virtual instrument. Although this is described as having a ‘friendly’ interface, I found the colours and UI a little dated and somewhat busy personally (a visual trait that could be addressed across the entire product range). However, it’s a good sounding instrument! The upgrade introduces features like waveform drawing and morphing, expanded ARP functionality, and the inclusion of MAGIC MODE for musical variation.

The second addition is the Albino-3 Legend, a resurrection of the groundbreaking Albino-3 virtual instrument with updated features such as VST3 support and adjustable GUI sizes. I was a keen Albino user back in the day (loved the filter types!), so it’s great to see it back again for modern OS systems.

eXplorer-9 also offers nine legacy products and the PRISMA plug-in, allowing users to creatively combine up to four virtual instruments.

Overall, the bundle promises a comprehensive suite of powerful tools for music production, blending new features with nostalgic elements from the past.

Available now at Rob Papen

Ambient Live Review Synth

Polypores – Live 2023

Polypores Live 2023 showcases a departure from his previously released musical endeavors, opting for an exploratory approach rooted in improvisation and continual discovery. A patchwork quilt of modular delight, the snippets of each live performance incorporate selective repetitions, ensuring that each rendition remains a unique and distinct experience.