Drone Review

Space Surgeries – New Drone Label

Fresh out the airlock, Space Surgeries appears on the radar with two drone-based releases from Ali Wade and Quiet Clapping.

You may recognise these names from UK ambient/electronic label Frequency Domain and as such, Space Surgeries can be considered a sister label to the aforementioned.

Strictly drone focused with these offerings, Ali Wade’s ‘The Unbearable Quickness of Doubling’ focuses on shorter, focused themes. Whereas on the second release ‘Adversary’, Quiet Clapping goes long form, with 2x 15 minute journeys.

Ambient Drone Minimal

Luke Sanger reissues Traversing Timelines LP

Previously released on cassette via the excellent Frequency Domain label and long since sold out, Traversing Timelines is now available to stream everywhere digitally.

Check it out on Spotify or ask Siri to play it.

Of course, you can still purchase the high quality digital files at bandcamp:

Ambient Review

Fields We Found – Distance

Seil – May ’22

Layers of noise (that good kind) envelope this new LP from Fields We Found. The delicious Cocoquantus artefacts are scattered all over, but the vibe is as much steered by the operator.

There is a looseness to the compositions which has a certain freeform quality, letting sounds play into the loops and letting them bounce around to do their thing. It’s as much about know when to remove an element, as it is to introduce one and this is something executed successfully across the album.

Out now on cassette and digital via Bandcamp.

Ambient Electro-Acoustic Experimental Minimal Review

Andrew CS & Glia – Nimi

Cached Media – May ’22

Gorgeous micro looped tones and fuzzy, cascading drones form the sonic landscape of the 12 varied pieces here. From the organ-like tonalities in ‘Wind for Weighted Keys’ sometimes reminiscent of A Rainbow In Curved Air (albeit mangled in a most pleasant way), to the crunchy tape-like twists and turns in ‘Outcrease’, there’s a real positive energy coming from the LP, of which I’ll be returning for repeat listens.

Out now on CD and Digital via Bandcamp