Ambient Dub House Radio

Flatland Frequencies on Mutant Radio – June Show

Last month we welcomed our new resident selector extraordinaire, Toby Tobias. Bringing a dope selection of undocumented digi dub and om shanti house trax, alongside resident Luke Sanger.

Mutant Radio · Flatland Frequencies w. Toby Tobias [26.06.2021]
Mutant Radio · Flatland Frequencies w. Luke Sanger [26.06.2021]
Acid House Review

Gettoblaster & DJ Deeon – ‘Route 66’

Hot Haus – Release: 6th August 2021

Four jacking house numbers that revisit themes laid out in Chicago clubs during the late 80s. New skool house producers Gettoblaster team with the OG Deeon and collaboratively stay true to the blueprints, utilising a minimal toolkit to good dance floor effect. Synth riff, drum machine and a vocal sample is really all that’s needed for an effective club track and there are four good examples here, keeping the patterns varied and to-the-point.

Electro Review

Various Artists – Exit Planet Earth

“When material interacts with light, properties of that material are stamped on the light. This stamp is like a specific fingerprint for each element and molecule. By examining the intensity of light in each color, scientist can work backward to infer the properties of the material that touched the light along the way.” – HubbleSite.Org

Originally released on vinyl last year 20/20 Vision’s Exit Planet Earth series is now be released on digital. Part one is out now, part two is due in August with other the parts to follow. Each EP is named after a different element that is commonly found on earth and is accompanied by a corresponding spectroscopy image. An essential series of modern classics.

Article Culture Feature

Field Recordings: a Beginners Guide

This article is hopefully the first in a series on the subject of field recording. If your goal is relaxation, focus, or just an aesthetic appreciation of sonic texture, this article is an introduction to the best places on the internet to go to hear, and find out about field recording.

Phonography, otherwise known as field recording, is the recording of natural or man-made sounds in-situ and away from the recording studio. But does it produce art or music? In modern music, the line between music and sound has become blurred. Sound and noise play a part in electronic composition that is as important as tone and scale. Today to ask if something is music or noise seems like an out-of-date question.

Like photography is the capturing of light to produce an image, phonography is the capturing of sound to produce a recording. Unlike ‘art’ or ‘music’, which have normative aspects, the words ‘phonography’ and ‘photography’ are matter-of-fact descriptions of a technical act. A bad photo may or may not be art, but nobody says a bad photo is not a photo.

Radio Aporee

The Radio Aporee project is “a global soundmap dedicated to field recording, phonography and the art of listening”. Field recordings from all over the world are placed on a 3D Google map, along with information about the recordings and recordists. You can explore the world while exploring the variety of sonic textures and landscapes that field recording can offer. New updates are added by its active user base every day.

Dub Dub-techno Minimal

Altone – Modern Natura

Out of Japan, Altone, delivers his first release on the long-running dub-techno netlabel Insectorama. Sometimes, with free netlabels / pay as you feel Bandcamp releases, the absence of financial barriers to release means that quality control can suffer, but not in this case. Deep, spatial, aesthetics that sit well with the best of the genre.