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PREMIERE: Tudor Acid – A Static Electricity Overload (Tudor Beats)

A highly personal theme for Tudor Acid on this new release is close identification with the emotions of cyborg and robotic characters in fiction. The character portrayed by the album (who Tudor Acid says is “obviously a stand in for me”) is on a mission to prove that its machine-generated or machine-mediated emotions are as equally valid as purely organic ones.

Following a two-year hiatus, he returns to the Tudor Beats label with a new album, ‘Empathy for Cyborgs’.

Flatland Frequencies · PREMIERE: Tudor Acid – A Static Electricity Overload (Tudor Beats)

What results is an album which represents the conflict between one’s own sense of self – and external, negative perceptions from others.

The cover drawing of Tower Bridge was intended as a counterpoint to this – the sense of a digitally constructed brain demonstrating its sentience and humanity in the process of the art being generated.

Artist: Tudor Acid
Title: Empathy for Cyborgs
Label: Tudor Beats
Cat. No: TB-2626
Format: Digital
Released: 27 January 2022