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New Label: Eastern Ears

Twinkle3 – I Rode A Tiger But Dared Not Dismount (2/4/21)

Great to see local sound experimentalists and noise enthusiasts, Eastern Ear (formally NNSAC), have started releasing recordings of music performed at their events.

Their first release by Twinkle3, consisting of Clive Bell (shakuhachi and other woodwind), David Ross (drosscillator and percussion) and Richard Scott (electronics and analogue synthesiser), was a very memorable gig. So it’s great to hear the sounds again, in clean digital form (especially that wonderfully blooping and burbling EMS Synthi).

A mesmerising blend of futuristic alien rhythms, electro-acoustic interludes and 1950’s synthesis.


Eastern Ear are based in Norwich and organise regular workshops, performances/events, along with the excellent Yarmonics sonic arts festival in Great Yarmouth.

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Bandcamp Friday Roundup

In case you’ve been living under a virtual rock, ‘Bandcamp Friday’ is where the website waives their commision fees for a day each month.

On one hand, this results in every artist with an instagram account shouting further into the void. But on the other, labels and artists are now planning their release schedule around this day, to capitalise on releasing and pre-releasing new music. So it is certainly worth a dig!

Here’s our top picks from yesterdays busy, yet fruitful Bandcamp Friday (2nd April 2021).

Polypores – Shpongos

Black Girl / White Girl – Hyper Reality

Benge – Syndrones and Syntones

Apologist – Air Foundry

Ben Pest – On The Three

Dexorcist – Body Clock EP

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Sseagulls – Mutant Radio 13/3/21

Mutant Radio · Sseagulls [Flatland Frequencies] [13.03.2021]
Zoe De Souza Clearwater
Nick IngmanLazy River 1
Tim BurnessTouch Together
Duncan MacKay Gin Sing
Cath BaxterCanon in D
Wolfgang KaferSpellbound
Orchestra ArcanaLife Class
Jimi BazookaCountryman Pt 2
Anaalivaihe0.11.2012 (Gatto Fritto Edit)
Dane CloseJohnny Hatez Jizz
Soft RocksThe Crazy Frog
Tarjei NygardSuratkorps (Target’s Handarbeidsversjon)
Klaus KrugerMetallic
John Cooper Clarke(I Married A) Monster From Outer Space
Man from UranusAeroplane to Australia
The MetronomesSex I
Tombo no YuMineral
Ash Black BuffloGo ‘way Old Ghosts
Lewis HunterBye Then
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Luke Sanger – Mutant Radio 13/3/21

Mutant Radio · Luke Sanger [Flatland Frequencies] [13.03.2021]
Gareth E Rees & PolyporesEverything is Interesting
Lewis HunterBuilds Ago Ekei
ApologistNo Closer Than The Moon
Passepartout DuoEpigram III
Me Lost MeNightingale (accapella)
Dead LegA Series of Embrasures
Andrew TuttleAscending Spring Clean
Passepartout DuoEpigram V
Lewis Hunter Bye Then
LampeoDying Energy
Controlled WeirdnessDrifting Through The Streets
Gareth E Rees & PolyporesDream Motion Trip
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Passepartout Duo – Epigrams

AIR Niederösterreich and the Ernst Krenek Institut.  Release: 26th Feb

After Benge’s quite fantastic Loop Series One reviewed last November, we didn’t expect to get sent any more music made on an original Buchla 100 system, simply because there is only a handful of them left in the world. How wrong we were!

The particular system used in this new release, sent in by Nicoletta Favari & Christopher Salvito, aka Passepartout Duo, was built by Don in 1967 for composer Ernst Krenek, who used the synth alongside piano.

Flash forward to 2021 and the (still operational) system resides in Krems an der Donau, a small town near Vienna. Lucky for local musicians Passepartout Duo (and by proxy, all of us), who have used the 100 system alongside piano in five considered pieces, inspired by the original works of Krenek, to great effect.

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Lampeo – The Electric Music Box ‘Year One’

An intriguing audio diary of sketches, taken on the Buchla Music Easel and recorded over a year. Lampeo really highlights the character and range of the instrument here, deftly using looping and spacial effects to layer the sounds, which range from the percussive to the melodic.

1974 Buchla ‘Electric Music Box’ (aka Music Easel)

The instrument itself has a unique tone, due to the additive nature of the primary oscillator and an analogue signal path that differs significantly from traditional subtractive synthesisers. There’s so much info out there already on the Easel, that I wont bore you with the same old stories. However, it’s worth noting that a large proportion of the online demonstrations using the Easel really do not represent the capabilities of the instrument, which takes time and dedication to master. Something Lampeo is highlighting in this release and firmly stamping their compositional mark.

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Center of the Universe – Interabangerz

Skweee survivor Center of the Universe comes correct, with a new EP of social media-themed boogie trax. What ever they are putting in the water up in Norway, we could do with some! File under funk.

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Hainbach – Schwebungssummer

Misc. – Release: Jan 18th

Hainback grows some ripe and juicy waveforms, ready for the picking.

Most synth nerds will know Hainbach from the internets. He makes consistently interesting videos on youtube involving esoteric, hard-to-find and rare electronic devices and instruments. Unlike many synth ‘youtubers’, he actually makes decent tracks as well!

‘Schwebungssummer’ is a 6 track EP based on primitive, revolving techno-esque pulses and some quite dark, discordant pads underpinning them. Quite unlike his previous releases and sounding much more musically distinct. The raw synths are sequenced (or triggered?!) in a organic and pulsating way, that reminds me of Luke Abbott’s first LP ‘Holkham Drones’. Based on the album art, at least some of the sounds are likely to be generated from some of his obscure audio test equipment. The heavy synth theme continues throughout, with only some piano(?) motifs rising out from the squelch in the final ‘It Will Stay Dark’.

I’ve ordered the vinyl and I’m holding off listening to the digital too much, so I can enjoy this in all it’s properly mastered glory.

Order now at bandcamp

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Miracle Pond – December Doubles!

ADVANCE WARNING: Miracle Pond are dropping two new cassettes on 4th December:

  • Plastic Moonrise (aka Catherine Norris) – Party of Dreamers
  • Time Attendant and Dolly Dolly (aka Paul Snowdon and David Yates) – ‘Subtle Bodies’

As with all their releases, these things sell fast, so stay frosty and don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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Field Lines Cartographer – Formic Kingdom

Woodford Halse – Release: 12th December 2020

Mark Burford aka Field Lines Cartographers music has featured on our radio shows many times in the past. Formic Kingdom being his latest cassette outing, this time via Woodford Halse, complete with some rather excellent die-cut, multilayered artwork on the sleeve.

Delicate tones exist in the dense layers and warbling hiss envelopes each drone, most of which have that slightly foreboding minor-key quality, typical of the FLC sound.

When you read the insect-orientated concept, the cover art and track names start to fall into place, read on for the ‘Formic Kingdom’ official blurb! (pre-orders open 4th December)