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Neil Landstrumm – Yell Yell EP

Sneaker Social Club – 24th September 2021

Modernist rave, jungle and trap stylings from the UK don Landstrumm. 808s, ravey stabs and some sneaky vocals snips string the EP together. Even if the styles are somewhat disparate, they are undeniably Landstrumm in sound, with a leaning to breaks ‘n’ bleeps in this outing. Those classic jungle loops are a mainstay after the first 2 tracks, which are more trap in style, and it’s the first track, ‘Spice (ft Legacy and Tina P)’ that really shines here. With some almost pop(!) sensibilities in the composition and synth sound design, with some great guest vox.


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PREMIERE: Jack Pattern – Ufundab Ich Bin Durch Lasst Mich Arzt

Cosmic Pint Glass – 13/09/21

Mega premiere on our YouTube and soundcloud channels for this ace new chugger by Jack Pattern.

Flatland Frequencies · PREMIERE: Jack Pattern – Kosmische Kueche

12″ is out this Friday via our homies at Cosmic Pint Glass!

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PREMIERE: Paul Oednom – Flux

Flatland Frequencies · PREMIERE: Paul Oednom – Flux (SEREIN)

Vital Contrast is a gorgeous release coming 25th June from Paul Oednom on the ever-reliable Serein label, operating out of Wales, UK. Check the player for an exclusive preview of ‘Flux’, the opening track from the EP. Guitar and synths ebb and flow as one, into a psychedelic tapestry of tones.

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Luke Sanger prepares new LP ‘Languid Gongue’ on Balmat

Balmat – Release: August 13th 2021

Balmat’s first release comes from Luke Sanger, a Norwich, UK-based artist whose two decades of electronic music-making have encompassed a range of tools and techniques, from MaxMSP to modular synthesis. Along the way he has built an extensive catalog encompassing ambient atmospheres, abstract soundscaping, and more. With Languid Gongue, he puts multiple approaches into play. Experiments in microtonal composition balance out pieces in standard tunings, while esoteric electronic machines merge with familiar acoustic treatments and microphone techniques. 

The result is a constellation of his signature sounds: freeform new-age fantasia; spring-loaded toytronic arpeggios; quartz-driven braindance clockworks. Drifting between consonant, almost lyrical compositions and shape-shifting textural sketches, the album drifts with the nonchalance of a sky-high cirrus cloud, and it glows as if illuminated from within. When we heard the material, we knew that it was the perfect choice to launch the label. To us, it sounds like a roadmap for points unknown.

Pre-order now via Balmat

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Sseagulls – Mutant Radio 19/5/21

Mutant Radio · Sseagulls [Flatland Frequencies] [19.05.2021]
Theraflux The Untold Story
Tom Trago & Young Marco & Awanto3Physical Thrill (Axel Boman Remix)
John Tejadathe Mess and the Magic
GnorkSexxxx In Space (Gnork’s Exxxxtra Dream Mix)
BjörkHuman Behaviour Dom T. Mix
Wladimir M.Reasonable Doubt
VulvaRock Me Baby
Timothy BlakeShowtime
Monzasound Cold Hard Cash
CylobSmack ’em Up Sharp
Move DGround Zero
BubblesGo Mad
Pev & KowtonLow Strobe
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Storming Heaven / Demons – The Transcendence Orchestra / Ali Wade

Frequency Domain – June 2021

Split cassette featuring two long form jams from drone duo The Transcendance Orchestra (aka Daniel Bean and Anthony Child) and label owner Ali Wade.

The A-Side features five melded movements: entrance, acceleration, abstraction, revelation and obliteration. Which range from contemplative tones, to hyper spatial widescreen drones. Flipping for Demon’s and Wade goes on an off-grid excursion, visiting some varied and impeccably produced textures, from clean and shiny, to the soft and clouded.

Looks like this is already sold out, that was quick. Digi still available on their Bandcamp.

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Woodford Halse – Upcoming Cassette and CD Drops!

It’s hard to keep up with all the amazing DIY labels these days. Woodford Halse is one particularly prolific outfit, releasing a couple of tapes and CDs every month. Here’s a quick round up of what to expect in June/July 2021.

As usual, lots of music from the label features in our monthly radio show. Pick of the bunch for me is the Xylitol tape ‘Inside a Stone of Cream there is a Language’, with bubbling resonant synth tracks like Popcorn evoking some serious Raymond Scott vibes and mellow library-esque moments with Business Direct.

Consider this post a heads up, as generally these releases sell out on pre-orders, so stay frosty people and keep an eye on their Bandcamp.

Artist – Giants of Discovery (UK)
Title – Orpheus
Label – Woodford Halse
Catalogue Number – WF 32
Format – Cassette album with multi layered artwork (die cut outer sleeve, die cut j card and ‘cigarette card’ insert). 
Pre Orders – 4th June
Genre – Electronic, Ambient, Soundscape
Artist – Ffion (UK)
Title – Sessile
Label – Woodford Halse
Catalogue Number – WF 29
Format – Cassette album with multi layered artwork (die cut outer sleeve, die cut j card and ‘cigarette card’ insert). 
Pre Orders – 4th June
Genre – Electronic, Techno, Ambient
Artist – Quiet Clapping (Cork, Ireland)
Title – The Abbey of the Black Hag
Label – Woodford Halse
Catalogue Number – WF 41
Format – CD album with multi layered artwork (die cut outer sleeve, ‘cigarette card’ insert and booklet). 
Pre Orders – 2nd July
Genre – Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Minimalism, Post Rock
Artist – Xylitol (Brighton, UK)
Title – Inside a Stone of Cream there is a Language
Label – Woodford Halse
Catalogue Number – WF 30
Format – Cassette album with multi layered artwork (die cut outer sleeve, die cut j card and ‘cigarette card’ insert). 
Pre Orders – 2nd July
Genre – Electronic, Lo-Fi, Minimal Synth, NDW
Artist – Salvatore Mercatante (New York)
Title – Tre Sfere
Label – Woodford Halse
Catalogue Number – WF 26
Format – Cassette album with multi layered artwork (die cut outer sleeve, die cut j card and ‘cigarette card’ insert). 
Pre Orders – 4th June
Genre – Electronic, Techno

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CHINA Sound Mapping: Anthology Of Experimental Music From CHINA

Unexplained Sounds: May 2021

Since free market reforms and opening up to foreign trade in the late 1970s, China has been among the world’s fastest-growing economies. Along with pulling 800 million people out of poverty, it has also become the world’s largest economy and with it a growing cultural and arts scene.

China’s experimental music and sound art scene began to take shape in the post-Tiananmen era in the late 1990s. A few musicians from the mainland’s underground music scene started to experiment with new ways of making music while the music industry co-opted the once revolutionary and independent rock music scene.

This particular collection of pieces runs the gamut of experimental styles, from music concrete to drones, arpeggiated synth pieces to field recordings. All achieved in a pure and focused dedication to the sound. A really stunning anthology musically and excellent curation from the label.


Art Article Experimental Synth

New Label: Eastern Ears

Twinkle3 – I Rode A Tiger But Dared Not Dismount (2/4/21)

Great to see local sound experimentalists and noise enthusiasts, Eastern Ear (formally NNSAC), have started releasing recordings of music performed at their events.

Their first release by Twinkle3, consisting of Clive Bell (shakuhachi and other woodwind), David Ross (drosscillator and percussion) and Richard Scott (electronics and analogue synthesiser), was a very memorable gig. So it’s great to hear the sounds again, in clean digital form (especially that wonderfully blooping and burbling EMS Synthi).

A mesmerising blend of futuristic alien rhythms, electro-acoustic interludes and 1950’s synthesis.


Eastern Ear are based in Norwich and organise regular workshops, performances/events, along with the excellent Yarmonics sonic arts festival in Great Yarmouth.

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Bandcamp Friday Roundup

In case you’ve been living under a virtual rock, ‘Bandcamp Friday’ is where the website waives their commision fees for a day each month.

On one hand, this results in every artist with an instagram account shouting further into the void. But on the other, labels and artists are now planning their release schedule around this day, to capitalise on releasing and pre-releasing new music. So it is certainly worth a dig!

Here’s our top picks from yesterdays busy, yet fruitful Bandcamp Friday (2nd April 2021).

Polypores – Shpongos

Black Girl / White Girl – Hyper Reality

Benge – Syndrones and Syntones

Apologist – Air Foundry

Ben Pest – On The Three

Dexorcist – Body Clock EP