Electro-Acoustic Experimental Review

Gasparotti, Ciullini, Stancati – Portraits

Unexplained Sounds Group – Release: June 4th 2021

After the recent and rather excellent anthologies of experimental music from China and Peru, Unexplained Sounds Group introduces a new series called Portraits, focusing on electronic and electro-acoustic music composers.

This first volume is dedicated to three emerging experimental Italian musicians: Gabriele Gasparotti, Daniele Ciullini, and Mario Lino Stancati. With Ciullini having a long history of producing music in the post-industrial underground scene.

The general vibe works up from the opening dark and crunchy, saturated soundscapes of Gasparotti, to the lighter, guitar peppered airy drones from Stancati. The third section of the CD showcasing some really interesting patterns from Ciullini, who introduces abrupt tonal changes and wide ranging textures, that shift from long reaching deep ambience, to near field digital glitches and found sounds.