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Polypores – Live @ The Ferret

New livestream from Polypores online, check it:

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Luke Sanger – Mutant Radio 14/4/21

Mutant Radio · Luke Sanger [Flatland Frequencies] [14.04.2021]


Blacklight SmokeLines (The Hacker Remix)
DexorcistKindred Spirit
Blacklight SmokeYour Own Hands (Blacklight Smoke Remix)
Luke’s AngerTechno Nerds
X-Coast Track 4
Franck KartellElectric Sheep
Matt WhiteheadMystery of Mysteries
Luke’s Anger Space Grunge
RNBWSNothing But Hardcore
DexorcistLuna Saturni
X-CoastTrack 1
Jerome HillLeague Against Jazz
Ben PestTilt Lock
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Various Artists – Death Decay Magic Remixes Vol.1

Death Decay Magic – Release: 7th May 2021

Deep and dark, residing in the zone where EBM and techno dwell. Various remixes of Black Light Smoke tracks on their Death Decay Magic imprint, all versions keep it down to the nitty gritty.

Choice pics for us are Black Smoke’s own off kilter remix of ‘Your Own Hands and techno legend The Hacker’s stripped down version of ‘Lines’. Check my show on Mutant Radio this week (14th April) for previews on both of these.

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VA – All The Bleeps

Fun in the murky – Release: May 14th, 2021
Trevor Wilkes · All The Bleeps – Bleep 500

Big, bad and heavy. Longtime supporter of the the weird and wonderful side to techno music, Toronto’s Trevor Wilkes runs the Fun in the Murky blog and label. He is also an amazing DJ/Selector and has been broadcasting his radio show regularly online, long before the days of facebook live.

In his words, the immense 4×12″ box set “represents the artists whose music I play the most on Bleep Radio. Literally and objectively played the most. I’m a big number crunching statistics nerd and have trended my own track-lists for years as many of you know. As a Canadian, far removed from where the music I like shines the brightest I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to meet with and play alongside a lot of these folks in person and not just via the stream.”

All the tunes bang as to be expected (including one of mine ;), however the super-standout track for me is the Ben Pest ‘Tilt Lock’, serious bang time !!!

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We are now pushing the sounds we like via Instagram.

Link us up @flatlandfrequencies

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New Label: Eastern Ears

Twinkle3 – I Rode A Tiger But Dared Not Dismount (2/4/21)

Great to see local sound experimentalists and noise enthusiasts, Eastern Ear (formally NNSAC), have started releasing recordings of music performed at their events.

Their first release by Twinkle3, consisting of Clive Bell (shakuhachi and other woodwind), David Ross (drosscillator and percussion) and Richard Scott (electronics and analogue synthesiser), was a very memorable gig. So it’s great to hear the sounds again, in clean digital form (especially that wonderfully blooping and burbling EMS Synthi).

A mesmerising blend of futuristic alien rhythms, electro-acoustic interludes and 1950’s synthesis.


Eastern Ear are based in Norwich and organise regular workshops, performances/events, along with the excellent Yarmonics sonic arts festival in Great Yarmouth.

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Bandcamp Friday Roundup

In case you’ve been living under a virtual rock, ‘Bandcamp Friday’ is where the website waives their commision fees for a day each month.

On one hand, this results in every artist with an instagram account shouting further into the void. But on the other, labels and artists are now planning their release schedule around this day, to capitalise on releasing and pre-releasing new music. So it is certainly worth a dig!

Here’s our top picks from yesterdays busy, yet fruitful Bandcamp Friday (2nd April 2021).

Polypores – Shpongos

Black Girl / White Girl – Hyper Reality

Benge – Syndrones and Syntones

Apologist – Air Foundry

Ben Pest – On The Three

Dexorcist – Body Clock EP

Drone Experimental Review

Drew Mulholland – A Trip To Hob Moor / Cambridge Drifts

Woodford Halse – Release: 16th April 2021

Woodford Halse have been rather prolific with their cassette releases this past year or so, putting out a couple of releases a month with a consistent artwork style. Musically, their output is quite varied and ranges from experimental beat driven trax, to sparser, more ambient excursions.

In Mullands’s new cassette, he focuses on two UK locations for inspiration, Hob Moor in York and a trip to Cambridge. Utilising field recordings and dark, drawn out drones. The two long form pieces have a nice dynamic range and move across textures, gradually becoming increasingly smudged in vast swathes of reverb.

The press release refers to ‘hauntology’ (a term which appears to be adopted on various other labels lately). I’m not entirely sure what it means, other than to describe electronic music that contains a ghostly, spooky or gothic feeling (uneasy drones, minor keys and lots of reverb). I’ve heard it disparately referred to in (electro-acoustic) works by Pierre Shaeffer and more recently (garage) artists like Burial, hence my slight confusion. So I guess it’s a descriptive term for music that evokes a certain gloomy vibe?

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Plant43 – Interlinked

Its electro frenzy this week in the flatlands, with so many great records coming it’s hard to cover it all. This however, is one that will get the you popping and locking on the lino quick sharp.

Quite sparse in its approach, with icy pads, reduced melodic elements and arpeggiations pulsating over the ubiquitous 808 beats.

Nice and cold production skills overall from Brighton’s Emile Facey (who also runs the label) and hats off to the mastering engineer too, the subsequent results are both crispy and weighty in all the right quantities.

Lovely stuff and well suited to those early evening DJ sets.

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Frank Kartell – Electric Sheep

LDI Records – Release Date: 03/05/2021

Very classic sounding electro from new launched LDI Records out of Holland. Deep and clean tunes from Frank Kartell, which nod to Kraftwerk (which all electro does I guess?) and more recent work of Anthony Rother.

The album pays homage to writer Philip K Dick  and in the words of the label “Side A of Electric Sheep EP evokes scenes from future mechanised worlds. Electric Sheep kicks the 12” off with a melancholic and contemplative moment followed by a steel cold and brooding venture in Voigt-Kampff.”

With the backing of Clone Distribution, this will undoubtably reach the right ears and feet out there.