Ambient Dub Review

Eivind Aarset / Jan Bang – Snow Catches on her Eyelashes

Jazzland – Release: 13th March 2020

Aarset and Bang take dubbed-out ambience to new depths, with this subterranean-sounding LP. A unique melding of musique concrète and dub, with echoes of ambience and shoegaze.

Ambient Review

Elinch – In Between Patches

Seil Records – Release: Out now

Seil continue their consistent output of mellow ambient releases, with a cassette containing 23 modular synth sketches from German artist Elinch.

Ambient Review

AHRKH – ‘Beams From a Spiritual Panorama’

Golden Ratio Frequencies – Release: 6th March 2020

Deep and heady drones from AHRKH. Two 30 minute pieces unfold at considered pace, resulting in distinct mind states from the experience.

Ambient Electro Review

Jura Soundsystem Presents -Transmission Two

Isle of Jura – Release: March 13th 2020

Ahh, the isle of Jura. Famous for it’s raw unspoilt beauty, friendly locals, whiskey and… Soundsystem? Paradoxically, the label of same name is actually based in Adelaide, distributed via Rotterdam and responsible for reissuing some proper classic tunes (Voice of Q 7″ anyone?). They also put out new music too it would appear…

Audio Interview Live

This is: Michael Page

Meet Michael Page, Norwich-based designer of electro-mechanical sequencers, educator of humans and general maker of noise.  We caught up to talk about fitness routines, tablehooters and curdled acid smoke stacks. Also, Michael has kindly provided us with an exclusive recording of a recent live performance.

Ambient Review

Ali Wade – Microhumans

Frequency Domain – Release: 10th February 2020

It’s been over three years since Ali’s last full solo album Geomorphology. His latest excursion on Frequency Domain is called Microhumans and while it falls under the broad ambient label, like his previous LP, there is a lot to be discovered here.

Ambient Review

Polypores – Brainflowers

Miracle Pond Records – Re-issued: 17th Jan

UK-based Polypores (aka Stephen James Buckley) is no stranger to Flatland Frequencies, having listened to his numerous contributions to the excellent A Year In The Country series over the past few years.

Audio Mix

Ambient Essentials Winter 19/20

Spoilt for choice right now, with so many artists and labels putting out a broad range of ambient music; from deep and expansive drones, to garbled and hissing tape loops.. Spaced-out synth jams, to deft vocal layering.

This selection represents a slice of either recently released, or upcoming records (and some unreleased bits discovered around the net) which aims to give a taste of this diverse genre.


Ambient Review

Sign Libra – Sea to Sea

RVNG Intl – Release: February 14, 2020

Pentatonic romplers and en vogue vocal effects from Sign Libra, in this nautically themed offering via the RVNG harbour.

Audio Premiere

PREMIERE: Ali Wade – Teething

Ahead of his new LP ‘Microhumans’, Ali Wade has kindly passed us the wonderfully kaleidoscopic ‘Teething’ to premiere from the album:

If you managed to catch our admittedly sporadic radio show over the years, you most certainly will have heard music from the Frequency Domain camp, a London based ambient label, run by Ali and Paul.

We’ll be reviewing the full album in due course, but in the meantime, stick on a brew and let ‘Teething’ give you a flavour of what’s to come.