Acid House Review

Gettoblaster & DJ Deeon – ‘Route 66’

Hot Haus – Release: 6th August 2021

Four jacking house numbers that revisit themes laid out in Chicago clubs during the late 80s. New skool house producers Gettoblaster team with the OG Deeon and collaboratively stay true to the blueprints, utilising a minimal toolkit to good dance floor effect. Synth riff, drum machine and a vocal sample is really all that’s needed for an effective club track and there are four good examples here, keeping the patterns varied and to-the-point.

Avant Garde Jazz

Sun Ra – Languidity

Strut – Release: June 25th 2021

To be honest, trying to write something meaningful on a Sun Ra release is always going to be an exercise in humility. Having seen the Arkestra perform live a couple of times and owning a few Sun Ra LPs, I’d class myself as a fan. Although by no means have I even gently brushed the vast surface of the Sun Ra back catalogue (well over a hundred albums).

In this re-issue instance, Strut present the definitive edition of Sun Ra’s classic ‘Lanquidity’ album from 1978 with brand new 4LP box set and 2CD editions, featuring the widely distributed version of the album alongside alternative mixes by Bob Blank. originally released in limited quantities for a 1978 Arkestra gig at Georgia Tech. Both versions of the album are cut loud at 45 rpm over 2LPs each.

Recorded overnight at Bob Bank’s Blank Tapes on 17th July 1978 after the Arkestra had appeared on Saturday Night Live, the album is unique in the Ra catalogue. “Most critics felt that it was more of a fusion-inspired record,” explains Michael Ray. “As the name suggests, the album is liquid and languid.” Bob Blank continues, “Musically, it was very ad hoc and freeform. There were horn charts but most tracks came out of improvised jams. Sun Ra just did his thing.”

Electro Feature Premiere

PREMIERE: Plant43 – Hearts Beat In Silence

Future Massive: pre-orders – 17/07/2021

Prolific UK electro producer Plant43 (aka Emile Facey) brings the crispy clean beats to new label Future Massive, launched from the AI Records camp. Check our premiere of ‘Heart Beats In Silence’:

Flatland Frequencies · PREMIERE: Plant43 – Hearts Beat In Silence

For the announcement Future Massive have released a video created by label founder Steve Hyland for first single Hearts Beat in Silence. Drawing reference from the EP title, the unknown structure in question appears as an obelisk in multiple liminal spaces – unsettling and misplaced until it resolves into human form.

This humanoid avatar embodies a lonely alien force observing our culture from a stellar distance, reflecting upon our fragility through the falling petals whilst basking in the electro glow.  Watch the video for lead track Hearts Beat in Silence here: 

Pre-order the red vinyl here

Experimental Minimal Review

Kenneth Kirschner & Joseph Branciforte – ‘From the Machine: Volume 1’

GreyFade Records

Two collaborative compositions between Kenneth Kirschner & Joseph Branciforte, focusing on applying “software-based compositional techniques — including algorithmic processes, generative systems, and indeterminacy — to the creation of new music for acoustic instruments.”

The result being two long form, detailed and hypnotic acoustic recordings. Originally entirely composed and produced within the Max/MSP modular software environment, then painstakingly reverse engineered, scored and performed with double-bass, cello, viola, and violin.

Ambient Feature Premiere Synth

PREMIERE: Paul Oednom – Flux

Flatland Frequencies · PREMIERE: Paul Oednom – Flux (SEREIN)

Vital Contrast is a gorgeous release coming 25th June from Paul Oednom on the ever-reliable Serein label, operating out of Wales, UK. Check the player for an exclusive preview of ‘Flux’, the opening track from the EP. Guitar and synths ebb and flow as one, into a psychedelic tapestry of tones.

Electro-Acoustic Experimental Review

Gasparotti, Ciullini, Stancati – Portraits

Unexplained Sounds Group – Release: June 4th 2021

After the recent and rather excellent anthologies of experimental music from China and Peru, Unexplained Sounds Group introduces a new series called Portraits, focusing on electronic and electro-acoustic music composers.

This first volume is dedicated to three emerging experimental Italian musicians: Gabriele Gasparotti, Daniele Ciullini, and Mario Lino Stancati. With Ciullini having a long history of producing music in the post-industrial underground scene.

The general vibe works up from the opening dark and crunchy, saturated soundscapes of Gasparotti, to the lighter, guitar peppered airy drones from Stancati. The third section of the CD showcasing some really interesting patterns from Ciullini, who introduces abrupt tonal changes and wide ranging textures, that shift from long reaching deep ambience, to near field digital glitches and found sounds.

Disco Electro Experimental Radio Synth

Sseagulls – Mutant Radio 19/5/21

Mutant Radio · Sseagulls [Flatland Frequencies] [19.05.2021]
Theraflux The Untold Story
Tom Trago & Young Marco & Awanto3Physical Thrill (Axel Boman Remix)
John Tejadathe Mess and the Magic
GnorkSexxxx In Space (Gnork’s Exxxxtra Dream Mix)
BjörkHuman Behaviour Dom T. Mix
Wladimir M.Reasonable Doubt
VulvaRock Me Baby
Timothy BlakeShowtime
Monzasound Cold Hard Cash
CylobSmack ’em Up Sharp
Move DGround Zero
BubblesGo Mad
Pev & KowtonLow Strobe
Drone Experimental Hardware Video

Making Music with Norns Sines, Ciat-Lonbarde Plumbutter and Cocoquantus

A few months back I posted some rambling thoughts on the beguiling Ciat-Lonbarde Plumbutter and Cocoquantus instruments. Along with being the most popular posts on the blog, they generated a few recurring questions from people. Mainly along the lines of “WTF are those things?” and “what do they sound like?”.

Well, I thought I’d do a little follow up vid to give some visual context to the ramblings. Included in this 13 minute improvisation is the Monome Norns Shield, running the wonderful Sines app by Oootini.

Ambient Experimental Musique Concrète Radio


Mutant Radio · Luke Sanger [Flatland Frequencies] [19.05.2021]


Vanessa Valencia RamosPlantas Medicinales Contra el Patriarcado
白水 BaishuiStranded
Ishmael CormackCritter
José Alfredo Rodríguezvistiendo a un hombre muerto
Ishmael CormackDandelion
Fiorella16Laura En Su Laberinto
Luke SangerYour Session Has Ended
XylitolBusiness Direct
孫瑋 Sun WeiElectromagnetic wave and vibration in Wetland Park
李帶菓 Li DaiguoChengdu Tuberculosis Hospital
Ali WadeDemons
Malanai Ascending (Seahawks Remix)Private Agenda
Ambient Drone Experimental Review Synth

Storming Heaven / Demons – The Transcendence Orchestra / Ali Wade

Frequency Domain – June 2021

Split cassette featuring two long form jams from drone duo The Transcendance Orchestra (aka Daniel Bean and Anthony Child) and label owner Ali Wade.

The A-Side features five melded movements: entrance, acceleration, abstraction, revelation and obliteration. Which range from contemplative tones, to hyper spatial widescreen drones. Flipping for Demon’s and Wade goes on an off-grid excursion, visiting some varied and impeccably produced textures, from clean and shiny, to the soft and clouded.

Looks like this is already sold out, that was quick. Digi still available on their Bandcamp.