Electro Synth Video

Sanger Selects 001: SKWEEE – Vinyl Mix

First in a series of mixes from the homestead. Kicking things off with an under-represented microgenre of electro, known as Skweee. With origins in Sweden, it’s time in the sun lasted around a decade from the mid-noughties, with the majority of releases only on 7″ vinyl.

Aesthetics Art Culture Video

You Have to Go Into the Unknown

“Friedrich believed that man should not paint what he saw in the outside world but what he saw inside of himself. Of course, Friedrich’s mind was far from a springtime in bloom so his paintings often focused on cold, dark winters and intensely stark landscapes” – Horses

Ambient Video

Terry Riley – Morning Corona

Some days (more often than not atm) we just need to whack on some Terry Riley and transport the mind to a tranquil state.

Ambient Video

Loula Yorke – It’s been decided that if you lay down no-one will die

The release date for Lou’s new album Volta – January 23rd 2024 – with a video for the first single ‘It’s been decided that if you lay down no-one will die’ going live as a YouTube Premiere this Tues 17th Oct at 9.00AM GMT 

Ambient Hardware Live Video

Luke Sanger – Live Noodling on Norns + Sidrax

Flatland Freq’s editor Luke gets his feet wet with the awesome orgnwrms script (by andrewcs_ 🪱) for Monome Norns open-source sound computer and appreciates the contrast and interplay of the analog vs digital FM between the two instruments.

Hardware Live Video

Loula Yorke – MODULAR LIVE JAM [work in progress – Volta B14]

Loula just released a live modular jam on YouTube to coincide with launching a bandcamp subscriber page. Go and check it out and sign up for her updates on eurorack modular and amazing laser visuals.

Live Minimal Synth Video

Electronic Sound Live Sessions – Luke Sanger ‘Shared System Improvisations’

Luke Sanger exclusive live session for Electronic Sound Magazine has been released on their website. In this set he used a Make Noise Shared System and Ciat-Lonbarde Sidrax for a 20 minute improvisation. Subscribers have access to the full set.

Read more about it and access the full set here

Ambient Jazz Video

Szun Waves – Exploding Upwards

Leaf Records

‘Exploding Upwards’ is taken from the the new Szun Waves album, Earth Patterns (coming 19th August 2022). As well as the unsurprisingly lovely track, the accompanying visuals by Dom Harwood are really something else!

Drone Experimental Hardware Video

Making Music with Norns Sines, Ciat-Lonbarde Plumbutter and Cocoquantus

A few months back I posted some rambling thoughts on the beguiling Ciat-Lonbarde Plumbutter and Cocoquantus instruments. Along with being the most popular posts on the blog, they generated a few recurring questions from people. Mainly along the lines of “WTF are those things?” and “what do they sound like?”.

Well, I thought I’d do a little follow up vid to give some visual context to the ramblings. Included in this 13 minute improvisation is the Monome Norns Shield, running the wonderful Sines app by Oootini.