Ambient Field Recording Minimal

Loula Yorke – May Mixtape

It feels like Loula Yorke is really hitting her stride of late, in this new idea, merging the written word of her excellent mail-outs, with a conceptual long-form musical theme.
Almost ASMR-like close-up home recordings of kettles boiling and cups of tea being brewed happily juxtapose trippy synth arpeggiations.
I listened all the way through on headphones and am already looking forward to next month’s installment!

Acid Dub Field Recording

Audio Obscura – Acid Field Recordings In Dub

Norfolk-based dub-drenched acid-escapades!

Ambient Avant Garde Electro-Acoustic Experimental Field Recording Minimal Review

Top Freqs of 2023

Another fine year for music here in the flatlands.
Here are our ten most frequented frequencies of the past 12 months. Go check them out and support the artists!

1. Tape Loop Orchestra – Onde Sinusoi​̈​dale Et Bande Magne​́​tique

2. S. Costa – The Radiant Point

3. Cate Brooks – Easel Studies

4. T.Jervell & ChromaDots – Faksfjord / Fragsfjord

5. Field Lines Cartographer – Tone Maps

6. Elia Piana – Sotto l​’​Albero Tutto Si Copre

7. Anagrams – Blue Voices

8. Night Gestalt – The Staring Night

9. VirusMoto –

10. Sundheim – Glades of Flowering Stone

Avant Garde Experimental Field Recording Musique Concrète Review

T. Jervell & ChromaDots – Faksfjord / Fragsfjord

Gorgeous hand-printed cassette sleeves, which accompany the raw, crunchy dadaism of T.Jervell and ChromaDots with their magical wooden machines. Limited tapes available now at SteepGloss Bandcamp

Sounds from an old wooden house situated in the rural North Norwegian countryside, as heard by a Norwegian and an Irelander.

Field recordings, found sounds, and Tetrax recorded on a Sony M-670 microcassette recorder, in Faksfjord summer 2022.

On Faksfjord the source material is cut up and rearranged utilizing an 8-bit hardware sampler, in Gravdal, Lofoten.

A collection of hiss and crackles, textures, and sound.

Fragsfjord involves breaking down the sounds found on the Faksfjord tapes to their smallest form and organising these sonic fragments using sections of the original recordings as a source of triggers, while recapturing them within a new space, in Munich.

Ambient Avant Garde Drone Electro-Acoustic Experimental Field Recording Radio

Flatland Frequencies 2/8/23

Coded Music Apparatus: Patterns On The Pitch GraphHugh Le CaineCompositions Demonstrations 1946-19741955
like lightningAdam BosargeStructures Without Rooms2023
Interview 1963 (WRVR, Riverside Radio, NYC)Tod DockstaderInterview 1963 (WRVR, Riverside Radio, NYC)1963
Sunrise Of The Planetary Dream CollectorTerry Riley & Don CherryLive Köln 19751975
A Room of One’s OwnEd HerbersComing of Age2023
Windy broad (Field Recording)Luke SangerField Recordings SD702T2014
The Oak Of The Golden DreamsRichard Maxfield / Harold BuddThe Oak Of The Golden Dreams1970
Mouth Cavity Oscillator With MKI Touch Sensitive OrganHugh Le CaineCompositions Demonstrations 1946-19741955
bend toward the light.Adam BosargeStructures Without Rooms2023
Angel FixPauline OliverosReverberations: Tape & Electronic Music 1961-19702012
PerseidsS. CostaThe Radiant Point2023
PipesTod DockstaderAerial #22005
The Radiant PointS. CostaThe Radiant Point2023
Music For ExpoHugh Le CaineCompositions Demonstrations 1946-19741967
Sitting in the dunes (Field Recording)Luke SangerField Recordings SD702T2014
Fantasy In SpaceLueningTape Recorder Music1955
물먹는하마YetsubyWater Flash EP2023
Field RecordingLuke SangerField Recordings SD702T2014
Ambient Drone Electro-Acoustic Experimental Field Recording Musique Concrète Radio Synth

Flatland Frequencies 5/7/23

Tai-chi Seminars in LeverkusenJönsMusic for Euronews
Still, WaitingThe Lifted IndexA Still Voice
Kontu Folktale (vinyl exerpt)Verna GillisFrom Slavery to Freedom (Music of the Suramaka Maroons, Suriname)
Râles (vinyl excerpt)Pierre HenryVariations Pour Une Porte Et Un Soupir
Night DrivePulseloversNorthern Minimalism
Consagish (feat. Moon Wiring Club)Dolly DollyAntimacassar
Dawn RainCloud TearsSongs For Summer Rain
Love (vinyl excerpt)Maharishi Mahesh YogiMaharishi Mahesh Yogi
SmileUllaTumbling Towards a Wall
A Ship With No CaptainLo FivePersistence Of Love
Look Back To DifferentationAkhira SanoPhase Contrast From Recollection
SoakUllaTumbling Towards a Wall
An Audio Obstacle Course (vinyl excerpt)ShureTrackability Test Record (TTR 101) For Stereo Cartridges
ConfluentAkhira SanoPhase Contrast From Recollection
My Queen is Dead (Long Live The Queen)Dolly DollyAntimacassar
The Kindest Touch‘t GeruisTerre, Poussière
Sea Fishing. A Survey by Clive Gammon (vinyl excerpt)BBCGone Fishing
As WellBetweenLow Flying Owls
SICKDolly DollyAntimacassar
Shell PatternsCoral SeaIf Memory Serves Me
A Tesco for LiberecJönsMusic for Euronews
KnowBetweenLow Flying Owls
Selte 2 vinyl excerpt)Das Lied der VölkerHawaii
Ambient Avant Garde Beats Drone Electro-Acoustic Experimental Field Recording Minimal Musique Concrète Radio Synth

Threads Radio – Flatland Frequencies (Pilot Show)

We’re back on the airwaves with a new monthly residency.
Come check every four weeks for the finest horizontal sounds of the flatlands, now via London’s Threads Radio!
First show proper will be 5th July, 1.5 hours of the best new and old experimental electronic music.
In the meantime, get your ears into the pilot episode:

a spearhead in my pocketthe humble beelichen cloak on a white stone2023
Spectral Interference (Datassette version)MüchaHello Caller2023
Fõrste snõfall over GravdalT. JervellUndergangen (Håp)2022
Halftime BluesKalabreseLet Love Rumpel – Part 22022
a7_rippled_quick editLuke SangerFools Fayre2023
日帰り旅行Psychedelic Digestion TherapyPsychedelic Digestion Therapy2021
Wind for Weighted KeysAndrew CS & GliaNimi2022
The Chance to Jump OffTony RolandoShared System2022
Synthesizer Voice (Legowelt Remix) Pampidoo
GnawLoula YorkePartials III2023
Ambient Field Recording Review

Sundheim – Glades of Flowering Stone

penname records – 27/1/23

Taking prompts from walks in the wild, Sundheim armed with an iphone and recording app, brings home quiet and considered blends of found sound and synthesised accompaniment. “Glades of Flowering Stone is a like a gentle forest bath, dissolving any tension and restoring balance.”

Out now on VHS, cassette and digi via bandcamp