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Threads Radio – Flatland Frequencies (Pilot Show)

We’re back on the airwaves with a new monthly residency.
Come check every four weeks for the finest horizontal sounds of the flatlands, now via London’s Threads Radio!
First show proper will be 5th July, 1.5 hours of the best new and old experimental electronic music.
In the meantime, get your ears into the pilot episode:

a spearhead in my pocketthe humble beelichen cloak on a white stone2023
Spectral Interference (Datassette version)MüchaHello Caller2023
Fõrste snõfall over GravdalT. JervellUndergangen (Håp)2022
Halftime BluesKalabreseLet Love Rumpel – Part 22022
a7_rippled_quick editLuke SangerFools Fayre2023
日帰り旅行Psychedelic Digestion TherapyPsychedelic Digestion Therapy2021
Wind for Weighted KeysAndrew CS & GliaNimi2022
The Chance to Jump OffTony RolandoShared System2022
Synthesizer Voice (Legowelt Remix) Pampidoo
GnawLoula YorkePartials III2023
Ambient Hardware Live Video

Luke Sanger – Live Noodling on Norns + Sidrax

Flatland Freq’s editor Luke gets his feet wet with the awesome orgnwrms script (by andrewcs_ 🪱) for Monome Norns open-source sound computer and appreciates the contrast and interplay of the analog vs digital FM between the two instruments.

Hardware Live Video

Loula Yorke – MODULAR LIVE JAM [work in progress – Volta B14]

Loula just released a live modular jam on YouTube to coincide with launching a bandcamp subscriber page. Go and check it out and sign up for her updates on eurorack modular and amazing laser visuals.