Ambient Feature Premiere

PREMIERE: Southfacing – Out Of The Park

Frequency Domain – Release: 19th June 2020

Really happy to present this premiere of ‘Out Of The Park’ by Southfacing. Along with Ali Wade, Southfacing co-runs the Frequency Domain label out of London, UK. A label we have featured often on the radio/blog and a collective you can rely on for consistently well curated synth music.

Sit back and let these 11 minutes of drifting synthedelics occupy the space between your speakers (or headphones):

Flatland Frequencies · PREMIERE: Southfacing – Out Of The Park
Review Techno

Huey Mnemonic – Virtuosity EP

Subsonic Ebonics – Release: 6th July 2020

Huey Mnemonic rolling the ruff and ready drum patterns over some classic Detroit progressions. Channeling the original techno sound and futurist concepts, this EP brings a modern sheen to the style and keeps the tempo as it should! Extra nice to hear some unabashed toms leading the march in both tunes, with the Moma remix taking things on a more tried and tested club route. TIP!

Will update the post when there’s some previews online…


Flatland Frequencies 28/5/20


Sitting Sun – Mosman
Upstream – Susumu Taka
Foreshore Chimes – Mju
Journey Again – Odes
Theme For Brighter Days – Mju
Opal Lake – Odes
Goodlife – Susumu Taka
Bloom – Mju

Ambient House Review

Marquis Hawkes – Lunar EP

UTTU – Release: 3rd July 2020

From his early wonky techno releases on Djax Up Beats and Ugly Funk, to his newer house productions, we have been fans of Mark Hawkins aka Marquis Hawkes for the best part of 2 decades now.

His jacking Relief-esque records of late have made way in this outing on UTTU, in exchange for some very mellow deep house sounds (from when deep house meant something different to now!)

The EP, gradually slows in bpm, with a nice ambient track in ‘Morning After’ to finish off. Sonically, it’s nothing ground-breaking by any means, but reliably solid tools for DJs and any kind of return to ambient house is a plus in our books.

Ambient House Review

DJ Soch – The Power of Poetry

Distant Hawaii – Release: 3rd July

Chic beachwear vibes on this 5-track EP from DJ Soch. Blending ambient pads, 707s and resonating marimba tones to create some classy deep house grooves.

Lobster Theremin · HAWAII022 // DJ Soch – The Power Of Poetry EP

Assuming we will be able to dance outside sometime in the near future, this one will be in our daytime crates.

Culture Film

Way My It Did I

Way My It Did I is a 2019 film by Maria Anastassiou commissioned for New Geographies, an arts project which highlights overlooked or unexpected places in East Anglia


Flatland Frequencies 21/05/20


  • Opal Lake – Odes
  • A Black Cat’s Journey To The Other Side – Soviet Space Research Institute (SSRI)
  • Dreams Of A Third Generation Grail (2018) – Stephen Prince
  • Cold Summer – Soviet Space Research Institute (SSRI)
  • Weakness Of The System – James Ruskin
  • I Have Brought A Myriad Fractures And Found Some Form Of Peace (1879) – Stephen Prince
  • Xerum 525 – Soviet Space Research Institute (SSRI)
  • Flux – Shifted Phases
  • ARPA Interceptor – Soviet Space Research Institute (SSRI)
  • Journey Again – Odes

Culture Philosophy

What is Culture?

Listen to linguist, anthropologist, philosopher, and author Dan Everett talking about his theory of culture. He discusses exactly what it is, how it exists on a macro and micro level, how it affects our language and our cognition, and how without it, we would die.

Everett spent many decades living with hunter-gatherers in the Amazon jungle. The language of the natives who he lived with, Piraha, is unlike all other known languages in that it has no words for numbers, colours or the future. He explains what his knowledge of the Piraha language, tells us about the intersection of language and culture.

He also talks about the practice of the science of linguistics, animal vs human communication, universal translation, and what unites and what divides us as humans.

Ambient Review Techno

Soviet Space Research Institute (SSRI) – ARPA Spatial Industries Commercial

Line Explorations – Release: 26th June 2020

Dark arpeggiations and occasional splutters of analogue drums, in this conceptual 4-track offering from Soviet Space Research Institute.


Flatland Frequencies 14/5/20


  • Patchwork – Laurie Spiegel
  • finch – Shuttle358
  • They Changed The Fruit Of The Loom Logo (Version B) – Polypores
  • The Magic Frequency Part I – Field Lines Cartographer
  • Tur – Melanie Velarde
  • Souvenir – Pierre Rousseau
  • Foam (Seaside Mix) – Symptoms of Love
  • Our Time (Vocal) – Pender Street Steppers
  • River Red – Andras
  • Start Again – Tornado Wallace