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Sanger Selects 001: SKWEEE – Vinyl Mix

First in a series of mixes from the homestead. Kicking things off with an under-represented microgenre of electro, known as Skweee. With origins in Sweden, it’s time in the sun lasted around a decade from the mid-noughties, with the majority of releases only on 7″ vinyl.

Ambient Drone Minimal Review

øjeRum – En Sten For SolenøjeRum

Quiet Details coming correct again, with audio collagist øjeRum (Room40, Opal Tapes, Fluid Audio etc.)
In each note, øjeRum guides us on an introspective odyssey, weaving a tapestry of emotive resonance. Vast narcotic soundscapes intertwine with melodic fragments, his music transcends the mundane, drawing one into a realm where time holds no dominion.

6-panel soft-touch matte digipack on recycled heavy card stock
Translucent Quiet Details wrap
Includes fine art print of the album artwork

Out now via bandcamp

Ambient Field Recording Minimal

Loula Yorke – May Mixtape

It feels like Loula Yorke is really hitting her stride of late, in this new idea, merging the written word of her excellent mail-outs, with a conceptual long-form musical theme.
Almost ASMR-like close-up home recordings of kettles boiling and cups of tea being brewed happily juxtapose trippy synth arpeggiations.
I listened all the way through on headphones and am already looking forward to next month’s installment!

Avant Garde Electro-Acoustic Experimental Review

David Lee Myers, Sonologyst, Lars Bröndum – Unus et Trinus

Excellent collaboration, which references many early experimental and abstract styles.Not for the faint of heart, this is a challenging and rewarding album, where we (as listeners) embark on a transcendental journey through three distinct soundscapes.
It’s an invitation to delve into the depths of auditory exploration, where the boundaries between individual expression and collective resonance blur into a mesmerizing tapestry of sound.

Avant Garde

Nova Pon – Symphonies of Mother and Child

Nova Pon’s musical journey reaches its apex with “Symphonies of Mother and Child,” a monumental composition premiered in February 2022. Spanning 40 minutes and featuring fifteen performers, Nova Pon’s opus explores the depths of motherhood with a graceful restraint, avoiding bombast in favor of poignant intimacy.

Turning Point Ensemble
Conductor: Owen Underhill;
Flute, Piccolo, Alto Flute: Brenda Fedoruk; Clarinet, Bass Clarinet: AK Coope;
Oboe, English Horn: David Owen;
Bassoon: Katelin Coleman;
French Horn: Nick Anderson*, Valerie Whitney**; Trumpet: Katherine Evans;
Trombone:Jeremy Berkman;
Percussion: Jonathan Bernard;
Piano, Toy Glockenspiel: Jane Hayes;
Harp: Janelle Nadeau*, Violin1: Marc Destrube; Violin 2: Francisco Eduardo Barradas Galván; Viola: Sarah Kwok*; Cello: Isidora Nojkovic; Bass: David Brown.

Ambient Avant Garde

Bernocchi/Chaplin – ‘The Same and The Other’

Having first met at the Extreme Chill Festival in Reykjavík, Iceland in 2019, Bernocchi and Chaplin met up in London to create minimal electronic interventions and haunting melodies, with slow-moving textures and layered ambient sounds

Acid Dub Field Recording

Audio Obscura – Acid Field Recordings In Dub

Norfolk-based dub-drenched acid-escapades!

Avant Garde Electro-Acoustic Minimal Review


Magical plucked, bowed, and granulated strings weave their way across compressed and weighty beats, in this gorgeous collaboration between Swedish Grammy-nominated musicians Sebastian Mullaert (of Minilogue fame) and Henrik Frendin (one of Scandinavia´s leading violists).

releases May 24, 2024

pre-orders at bandcamp now

Review Software

The Crow Hill Company – String Murmurations

The Crow Hill Company is a new audio instrument company led by Christian Henson, formerly of Spitfire Audio and an established filem music producer/sound designer in his own right. I’ve been following Spitfire Audio since their inception and own many of their instruments, the ones I still tend to gravitate toward are the more off-piste offerings, such as their amazing Dust Bundle plugins (the v1, not v2 which sucked in comparison), not to mention their free offerings.
So it was amazing to see The Crow Hill Company following this tangent in earnest, already putting out some VERY interesting and unique paid and free instruments.

String Murmurations caught my ear as I’d stumbled across a little demo of it on their youtube channel and it instantly sounded different to the ‘usual’ orchestral plugins (which obviously have their place, but how many 50+ gig orchestral libraries does one need?).

On installing, the first thing that jumped out was the interface – very clean, fun and inviting-looking parameters and a huge one for me: not hindered by “that” ubiquitous and frankly tired Kontakt wrapper! (I still loath automating params on Kontakt)

Secondly, running multiple voices on this only hits around 9% on my i9 MacBook pro, which seems insanely efficient, considering the sound quality and sample lengths here are both high! Whether this is a result of not using Kontakt and their own backend optimisations, I have no idea, but hats off to them for this, as not everyone has the latest and greatest machines.

With a focus on capturing the subtleties of human performance, SMALL STRING GESTURES really invites you to create music that resonates with your own unique voice, without imposing it’s own signature too strongly.

There’s a real warmth and character of live performance that comes across in these samples, lots of expression and gesture! Which I’m really looking forward to using in my own compositions.

Ambient Review

Maps and Diagrams – if all will be lost

In this new offering from the ever-consistent Quiet Details – Maps and Diagrams, the alias of the esteemed electronic music veteran Tim Martin, presents a mesmerizing journey through meticulously crafted soundscapes.
Martin’s diverse palette of elements, from metallic tones to ethereal synths and organic field recordings, converges seamlessly, creating an immersive sonic tapestry.
Each track unfolds like a carefully orchestrated symphony, oscillating between psychedelic reveries and serene contemplation.