Avant Garde Experimental Field Recording Musique Concrète Review

T. Jervell & ChromaDots – Faksfjord / Fragsfjord

Gorgeous hand-printed cassette sleeves, which accompany the raw, crunchy dadaism of T.Jervell and ChromaDots with their magical wooden machines. Limited tapes available now at SteepGloss Bandcamp

Sounds from an old wooden house situated in the rural North Norwegian countryside, as heard by a Norwegian and an Irelander.

Field recordings, found sounds, and Tetrax recorded on a Sony M-670 microcassette recorder, in Faksfjord summer 2022.

On Faksfjord the source material is cut up and rearranged utilizing an 8-bit hardware sampler, in Gravdal, Lofoten.

A collection of hiss and crackles, textures, and sound.

Fragsfjord involves breaking down the sounds found on the Faksfjord tapes to their smallest form and organising these sonic fragments using sections of the original recordings as a source of triggers, while recapturing them within a new space, in Munich.