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Jeran Portis – Deluge

Our friends, and purveyors of the finest deep techno and electro, Machine Mind Records are now distributed worldwide through EPM Music. Check out this Jeran Portis track from the archive.

And this one by Dangerous Liaisons for good measure

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Jeran Portis – Mutant Radio 12th August 2021

Mutant Radio · Jeran Portis [Flatland Frequencies]


Autumn Dub (Twin Peetz & Moolsaasa Intro) – Retouched [ODrex Music]

Tek Soul – Trinidadian Deep [Noctu Recordings]

Summer 1995 – DJ 3000 [EPM Music]

Mind Goes Blank – Jerome Hill [Super Rhythm Trax]

Positif/Negatif – The Hacker [20/20 Vision]

Secret Loser – CYMBA [Obole]

Direct Hit – Alfred [20/20 Vision]

Voltage Anagnorisis – Terrestrial Access Network [LDI Records]

Forest illumination – Doildoshi [More Rice Records]

Electric Counterpoint – Third Son [Soft Computing]

Kosmische Kueche – Jack Pattern [Cosmic Pint Glass]

Exit Wound – CYMBA [Obole]

Ambient Dub House Radio

Flatland Frequencies on Mutant Radio – June Show

Last month we welcomed our new resident selector extraordinaire, Toby Tobias. Bringing a dope selection of undocumented digi dub and om shanti house trax, alongside resident Luke Sanger.

Mutant Radio · Flatland Frequencies w. Toby Tobias [26.06.2021]
Mutant Radio · Flatland Frequencies w. Luke Sanger [26.06.2021]
Acid House Review

Gettoblaster & DJ Deeon – ‘Route 66’

Hot Haus – Release: 6th August 2021

Four jacking house numbers that revisit themes laid out in Chicago clubs during the late 80s. New skool house producers Gettoblaster team with the OG Deeon and collaboratively stay true to the blueprints, utilising a minimal toolkit to good dance floor effect. Synth riff, drum machine and a vocal sample is really all that’s needed for an effective club track and there are four good examples here, keeping the patterns varied and to-the-point.

Ambient Beats House

Local T – Suffolk Palms

The second album by Local T is here and picks up exactly where his 2019 debut left off. Suffolk Palms is another portrait of life by the sea on the east coast of england, packing enough beach snacks and summer optimism for everyone. It’s all about having fun, no thoughts, nothing else! 

– – – – 

💬 Artist notes: 

Music made between March and May 2021 in Felixstowe, Suffolk. 

Recorded live with: 

– Sega Megadrive + genMDM w/ GENajam 
– Dx27 
– Kawai K1r 
– Korg Er1 
– Volca Kick 
– Various shitty guitar pedals 

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Bandcamp Friday Roundup

In case you’ve been living under a virtual rock, ‘Bandcamp Friday’ is where the website waives their commision fees for a day each month.

On one hand, this results in every artist with an instagram account shouting further into the void. But on the other, labels and artists are now planning their release schedule around this day, to capitalise on releasing and pre-releasing new music. So it is certainly worth a dig!

Here’s our top picks from yesterdays busy, yet fruitful Bandcamp Friday (2nd April 2021).

Polypores – Shpongos

Black Girl / White Girl – Hyper Reality

Benge – Syndrones and Syntones

Apologist – Air Foundry

Ben Pest – On The Three

Dexorcist – Body Clock EP

Acid Electro House Review

Dexorcist – Body Clock EP

Only having just dropped the frankly ridiculous double LP, Super Rhythm Trax are back with one of our favourite producers and DJs.

Si Brown aka Dexorcist, has been tearing up the dancefloors for many years. From alleged involvement in Fear Teachers Sound System, to Bomb Dogs live PA, to playing synths in festival favourites Dead Silence Syndicate, his music has always leant to the darker side to the electronic sphere.

No surprise then, with his latest 4 trax on SRT covering some deep and dark acid house and electro.

Ambient Electro House Radio Techno

Mutant Radio – Jeran Portis (21st December 2020)

House Review Techno

Vanity Gamble – Back / Fourth

Digital reproduction and distribution freed music from the confines of physicality, possessing a piece of music no longer required the possession of a black or silver disk. But this evolution had its downside, music no longer developed in localized and unique scenes, and in an endless stream of new releases advantage is given to those with the largest PR budgets. More music ends up meaning less diversity and more sameyness, special hidden gems becoming instantly duplicated and downloaded on the click of a mobile phone.

Thankfully the culture of the finite but ultra-special lives on. Using modern technology which can cut music straight to vinyl, rather than to old-school acetate which wears out after only a few plays, a hardcore of enthusiast music producers and lathe trolls is keeping the secret world of the ultra-limited alive.

So who is Vanity Gamble? A newcomer or old hand under a new alias? Those that know, know. And this music is strictly for those that know. 25 copies, no digital, no PR and no Spotify. Get it from Japhy.

Electro House Review Techno

DJ Godfather – Electro Beats For Freaks

Databass – Release: 20/11/20

Ghettotech legend DJ Godfather has been making trax and spinning tunes for over 20 years. I first became aware of his music via his Databass imprint sometime around 2000, when I was buying Detroit and Chicago imports via the Vinyl Underground shop in the UK. Since then, I’ve caught a few of his quick-mixing DJ sets and more recent releases and can safely say, he is an artist who hasn’t strayed far from the original ideas being pushed back then. Fast and raw party trax, with an outspoken appreciation for the female form.

Now in 2020, Godfather’s first proper artist album ‘Electro Beats For Freaks’ is penned for released, and his biggest undertaking to date: “With nearly 2 hours of music, it’s a collection of 44 tracks that range from Ghettotech to Juke and Electro; Techhouse to Bmore. The tracks (only a handful of which have been previously released) transition into one another with a seamless flow, so they can either be heard individually or as a continuous playback.”