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COLOGNe – Deep Talk EP

Previously only available in Japan on a CD released in 1999. These six tracks are an evocative collection of hidden gems from the heyday of electronic music. Recording artist Takuya Sugimoto European breakthrough came when the former UK record store responsible for promoting the deeper techno sound, Fatcat Records, decided to make their first release an EP recorded by him under the alias of EVA. This re-released EP, which was never available in the UK, is very much of that sound and era. Think UK deep techno of the likes of B12 and Stasis but with a more quirky temperament. A sound that will always be close to our hearts.

Releases 7th June 2021 on SAISEI records. Pre-orders here

Ambient Dub Radio

Jeran Portis – Mutant Radio 14/4/21

Aura Minimum – Structural Lines (Ambience) [Space Of Variants]

Liuos – Gravimetric Analysis [Insectorama]

Schulz Audio – Perseverance [Insectorama]

Natur & Substak – Fusion Dub III [ODrex]

Altone – Touch [Insectorama]

DeepChord – DC14 (A1) [DeepChord]

Heavenchord – The Way I See It [Greyscale]

Fluxion – Waves [Echocord]

Monolake – Occam [Chain Reaction]

23.4 – Initial Ratio [Insectorama]

Mikkel Metal – Frico [Echocord]

Electro Review

T/Error – Rindler Horizon

LDI Records – Release 29th March 2021

T/Error may be known previously for his music on the electro heavyweight Bass Agenda. This is the Rome based producers 4th album. Classic modern electro sci-fi sounds but with enough originality and atmosphere to keep it interesting. New label LDI Records (Lloyd’s Dark Imperium) looks like it is already setting itself up as one to watch. Listen to audio previews here.

Ambient Dub Radio Techno

Jeran Portis – Mutant Radio 13th March 2021


Aura Minimum – Fragment I (Strange Key)

Krisz Deak – Playa (ODrex Music)

Mathimidori – Maiia (Echocord)

Heavenchord – H.C.R.D.3 (Insectorama)

Gradient – Changes (Thinner)

El Choop – Insane Seeds (Echocord)

Occult – Axum (Cold Tear)

Gradient – Cloud One (Ranges)

Shulz Audio – The Gathering (Self-released)

Lux – Data (Deepchord)

Phantom Network – Deuterium (Odrex Music)

Ambient Dub Experimental Radio Techno

Jeran Portis – Mutant Radio 23rd Jan 2021

Frost Patrol (Ambience)Aura MinimumModern Nature
Mystical DynamicsMr. CloudyODrex Music
Hordes DescentFluxionSubWax
Starlight (Echospace Unreleased Mix)Model 500Echospace
WaterfoolNarson NelsonInsectorama
While In LockdownJon Dixon / minor INVENTION4EVR 4WRD
Optimal Power FlowRob StrobEMotech
MijoteC HH ICKInsectorama
Ela Konta MouJor-GGreyscale
Ambient Review

Tomas Jirku – Touching the Sublime

The goal of this album was to capture the feeling of being in awe of nature. I think we can say that, especially when accompanied with the visual work above, this goal is achieved. Minimal soundscapes, and at times discordant tones, give an impression of vast space and power. The album is also available with a custom printed book of photographs. You can find out more here. And if you’d like to know more about the label Silent Season check this excellent video by Dub Monitor.

Ambient Electro House Radio Techno

Mutant Radio – Jeran Portis (21st December 2020)

House Review Techno

Vanity Gamble – Back / Fourth

Digital reproduction and distribution freed music from the confines of physicality, possessing a piece of music no longer required the possession of a black or silver disk. But this evolution had its downside, music no longer developed in localized and unique scenes, and in an endless stream of new releases advantage is given to those with the largest PR budgets. More music ends up meaning less diversity and more sameyness, special hidden gems becoming instantly duplicated and downloaded on the click of a mobile phone.

Thankfully the culture of the finite but ultra-special lives on. Using modern technology which can cut music straight to vinyl, rather than to old-school acetate which wears out after only a few plays, a hardcore of enthusiast music producers and lathe trolls is keeping the secret world of the ultra-limited alive.

So who is Vanity Gamble? A newcomer or old hand under a new alias? Those that know, know. And this music is strictly for those that know. 25 copies, no digital, no PR and no Spotify. Get it from Japhy.

Electro Review

Plant 43 – Storm Control EP

Plant43 – Release: 9th December 2020

Despite being the year that the dancefloors were closed, 2020 continues to be a good year for dancefloor music, this being the fourth release this year from Plant43 on the same-named label. Cold chords and deep melodic lines combine with driving beats to make something that is good for both listening and (home-based) dancing.

Electro Review

214 – Exposure to Winds

20/20 Vision – Release: 16th Nov / 8th December 2020

It takes talent and skills to produce an album where all the tracks are top quality. Chris Roman aka 214 has done just that. 8 tracks on vinyl or 12 on the digital, all of the premium quality.

From cold hauntological tones of ‘Alpenglow’ and ‘Break Before Dark’, to the minimally funky groove of ‘Quick Start’ the whole album remains an interesting and driving listen.

Inspiration for the album came from living in North Bend, Washington State, where David Lynch’s masterpiece ‘Twin peaks’ was filmed, an eerie sense of otherworldliness pervades all the tracks. One of the best albums of the year, top tip.