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Anthology of Electronic Music From Scandinavia

Unexplained Sounds Group – 5/11/21

Fast becoming one of our fave labels for cutting edge electronic and experimental music, Unexplained Sounds Group are consistently curating high quality various artist compilations, organised by global region.

This time, the expanding ‘sound mapping’ collection of CDs lands on the Scandinavian electronic underground as its point of focus.

The album is predominately drone-based excursions, ranging from cold, baron soundscapes, to densely layered synth excursions. However, on my first proper listen through, it’s the tracks that venture into more experimental tonal territory which really piqued my curiosity, with the wonderfully wonky ‘Ilmeisesti’ by vÄäristymä and the hypnotic ‘Nightbreeze’ by Havdis being particular favourites.

Order the CD/Digital now via their Bandcamp.