Classics Dub-techno Review

Variant – Thru The Cosmos [Perseids]

The Perseids are a meteor shower associated with the comet Swift–Tuttle. Peak visibility is between the 9th and 14th of August each year. The name is due to the point in the sky from which they appear to originate, from within the constellation of Perseus.

Variant, aka Stephen Hitchell, was one half of the pioneering Detroit Dub-Techno duo Echospace. This track is a slowly developing drone in the minor scale with noise and textures developed from their minimal techno origins.

If you are reading this close to the time of posting, there is a high chance of a spectacular light show in your skies this evening. Any time from nightfall with the peak from around midnight to 4am. So keep you head held high, maybe you’ll see them fly!