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Flatland Frequencies – Mutant Radio Show (Oct 2021)

Out latest session on Mutant Radio is now online, with resident selectors Luke Sanger, Jeran Portis, Toby Tobias and Sseagulls. Only the finest Elektronische, Musique Concrete, industrial no wave, om shanti house and library core.

Ambient Dub Minimal Review

International Sangman – Death Roads & Spirit Ways

Deep and heady dubbed out ambience from the Ish Records camp. Echoes of early Basic Channel swirl around more contemporary production techniques, with an emphasis on surface noise and dynamics.

A record that would serve equally well on a big soundsystem to warm up the dance, or to listen at home.

Head to Ish to cop the vinyl.

Ambient Art Avant Garde Culture

William Basinski – Disintegration Loop 1.1

Shot during the last hour of daylight on the evening of 9/11 from Basinski’s rooftop, this single-shot film coupled captures the decaying melancholic tragedy of events that would shape the passing decades.

House Techno

Jeran Portis – Deluge

Our friends, and purveyors of the finest deep techno and electro, Machine Mind Records are now distributed worldwide through EPM Music. Check out this Jeran Portis track from the archive.

And this one by Dangerous Liaisons for good measure

Ambient Beats House

Local T – Suffolk Palms

The second album by Local T is here and picks up exactly where his 2019 debut left off. Suffolk Palms is another portrait of life by the sea on the east coast of england, packing enough beach snacks and summer optimism for everyone. It’s all about having fun, no thoughts, nothing else! 

– – – – 

💬 Artist notes: 

Music made between March and May 2021 in Felixstowe, Suffolk. 

Recorded live with: 

– Sega Megadrive + genMDM w/ GENajam 
– Dx27 
– Kawai K1r 
– Korg Er1 
– Volca Kick 
– Various shitty guitar pedals 

Ambient Drone Experimental Minimal Musique Concrète Synth

Luke Sanger prepares new LP ‘Languid Gongue’ on Balmat

Balmat – Release: August 13th 2021

Balmat’s first release comes from Luke Sanger, a Norwich, UK-based artist whose two decades of electronic music-making have encompassed a range of tools and techniques, from MaxMSP to modular synthesis. Along the way he has built an extensive catalog encompassing ambient atmospheres, abstract soundscaping, and more. With Languid Gongue, he puts multiple approaches into play. Experiments in microtonal composition balance out pieces in standard tunings, while esoteric electronic machines merge with familiar acoustic treatments and microphone techniques. 

The result is a constellation of his signature sounds: freeform new-age fantasia; spring-loaded toytronic arpeggios; quartz-driven braindance clockworks. Drifting between consonant, almost lyrical compositions and shape-shifting textural sketches, the album drifts with the nonchalance of a sky-high cirrus cloud, and it glows as if illuminated from within. When we heard the material, we knew that it was the perfect choice to launch the label. To us, it sounds like a roadmap for points unknown.

Pre-order now via Balmat