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Carn Enoch Extratemporal Neo Reimannian Communication Session 080822

Dave Stitch takes his organically installed modular system for a hike and attempts to step out of the sequence of time:

“I’ve been thinking about doing this for a year now after discovering my new favourite hill in South Wales (GB) It’s littered with neolythic etchings on the rocks and seemed like an interesting space to cart our innalogs to for some wild synthing.”

“The main composition was created using the neo reimannian based sequencer grid in the Automannetz state of the O_c, which I studied for an afternoon in order to transcribe musical notes that I had extracted from a tarot reading of 5 cards using my esoteric spreadsheet (which maps the major and minor arcana of the tarot to John Coltrane’s 1969 circle of fifths sketch.)”

“I am besotted with the word ‘extratemporal’ in the context of live electronic recordings. I have always felt that a one take performance captures a moment and takes it outside linear time, to be tapped into again at a later date (if recorded!) I wonder if memories count as recordings?”