Electro Review

Various Artists – Exit Planet Earth

“When material interacts with light, properties of that material are stamped on the light. This stamp is like a specific fingerprint for each element and molecule. By examining the intensity of light in each color, scientist can work backward to infer the properties of the material that touched the light along the way.” – HubbleSite.Org

Originally released on vinyl last year 20/20 Vision’s Exit Planet Earth series is now be released on digital. Part one is out now, part two is due in August with other the parts to follow. Each EP is named after a different element that is commonly found on earth and is accompanied by a corresponding spectroscopy image. An essential series of modern classics.

Electro Review

The Hacker Vs Commuter – Roentgen

Cultivated Electronics – Release: June 14th 2021

“The roentgen or röntgen (/ˈrɜːntɡən/; symbol R) is a legacy unit of measurement for the exposure of X-rays and gamma rays, and is defined as the electric charge freed by such radiation in a specified volume of air divided by the mass of that air (statcoulomb per kilogram). It is named after the German physicist Wilhelm Röntgen, who discovered X-rays.” – Wikipedia

Taking their inspiration from the HBO TV series, Chernobyl. The Hacker and Commuter create an imaginary soundtrack accompaniment for this outstanding EP on the super-strong Cultivated Electronics label.

Included are remixes by MMT-8, otherwise known as Ed Upton (DMX Krew) and label head Phil Bolland (Sync 24).

Pre-order via Clone

Industrial Minimal Wave Review Techno

Various Artists – Death Decay Magic Remixes Vol.1

Death Decay Magic – Release: 7th May 2021

Deep and dark, residing in the zone where EBM and techno dwell. Various remixes of Black Light Smoke tracks on their Death Decay Magic imprint, all versions keep it down to the nitty gritty.

Choice pics for us are Black Smoke’s own off kilter remix of ‘Your Own Hands and techno legend The Hacker’s stripped down version of ‘Lines’. Check my show on Mutant Radio this week (14th April) for previews on both of these.