Review Techno

The Forgotten Man – Cosmic Echoes

Noctu Recordings – Release 28th February 2020

Brighton based The Forgotten Man has been quietly and slowly building things up over the last year or so on his own Noctu recordings label. This release is our favourite so far. Don’t expect anything groundbreaking in terms of new styles or fancy gimmicks, but do expect something quality and long-lasting when it comes to the musicianship and feeling.

Clearly he has spent a lot of time listening to Model 500 but hey, that’s not something we would hold against anybody. This is a top-quality cut of technosoul that will have a shelf-life much longer than the truckload of tracks that come out every day that slavishly follow whatever style happens to be fashionable at the minute. There’s enough musicality here for the release to stand out on its own merits.