Ambient Experimental Review

Sea Urchin & Aki Goto’s Shirotento Orchestra – Natal Uranus

RVNG Intl – Release: 29/2/20

Batshit bonkers from the RVNG (un)stable. Pythonesque moments collide with off-piste rhythms and melodies verging on the clinically insane, in this collaboration between Sea Urchin and Aki Goto’s Shirotento Orchestra.

‘Natal Uranus’ is the opening track and at (a mere) 18:04 minutes is maybe the most accessible. In that it somewhat, somewhere, follows a recognisable scale and there’s a kind of comforting seaside sound bedding to mentally fall back on, ahhh.

‘Birthdays’ has to be the least celebratory party I’ve encountered, complete with child expressing their pure distaste for the proceedings. Perhaps too close to home? However, just when you think the party couldn’t plummet any further, things luckily start to perk up towards the end, complete with a proper sing along finale, phew.

‘Natal Uranus, bimbo ozono sotto il sole a picco’ is actually well funky, in a sort of smashed to smithereens, baby brain, salad with attitude kind-of-fashion. I’d go as far as saying this is one pretty radio-friendly, all 17:00 minutes of it.

Finally, 3 tracks (and nearly an hour) later, we reach ‘Leap Year Love – A Love Story of Metal and Wind’. If there was anything to compare this too musically, try to imagine Sun Ra let loose on the pre-school music trolly; no triangle, recorder or woodblock is left untouched.

One of the funnest records I’ve heard in a while and certainly the hardest to muster up actual human words about.