Disco Review

Warmduscher – Midnight Dipper (Soulwax Remix)

Leaf Label – Release: 28th Feb 2020

Debauched disco from the Warmduscher gang. This time around ‘Midnight Dipper’ is given a thorough Soulwax buffing up.

As remixes go, this one stays pretty close to the original. With added disco-ready kick drums, flanger effects and additional girth applied all round. All the additional gubbins that makes something more “DJ friendly” are present and correct, you know, with the extended intro and outtro stuff.

Anyway, this should be put permanently in the ‘cannot fail to make people dance’ category of your (virtual) crate. A heady mix of sleazy late-night tales and dry, up-front production techniques.

Out today, via the awesome Leaf Label