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Duelling Ants – Section of Summer

Tone Burst – Release: 15/7/22

Although first appearing back in 2016, Tone Burst have noticeably ramped up their output over the past year or two, establishing themselves as a label to keep tabs on, with (K) En sommerdag i Kroken (Ruter) making no.1 in our flatland favourites for 2021.

If you had to try and pigeonhole, their releases tend to lean toward ‘experimental’ sounds, often existing outside traditional western scales and conventional rhythmic structures.

With their 33rd release, Duelling Ants kicks of a mini series of
four endless loop cassettes (+ TEA!), one for each of the year’s seasons. ‘Section of Summer’, apt for the barmy weather we’re currently experiencing here in the flatlands, captures the heat and sizzle in 4 phrases.

“My project is inspired by the cross section as a representational tool and the release is constructed as imaginary cross sections through summer.”

I’ve set my iTunes (other, superior playback software is available) to loop and letting these lovely pieces drift as I go about my daily biz.

In their own words:

Each tape is released in an edition of 8
Each tape contains 2 minutes of audio
The native Sami musical expression is called a Yoik
A Yoik has no beginning or end
Inspired by the idea of a story with no beginning or end,
the tapes (and thus the music contained on the tape) have no beginning nor end They’ll play in an endless loop, for as long as the listener wants to.

There will also be tea
Loose leaf tea
Representing nature and the changing of seasons To brew and enjoy while listening to the cassette.