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Espen Friberg – Sun Soon

‘Sun Soon’, the debut album of Espen Friberg, brings an inviting mix of field recordings with controlled and considered tones from a Serge modular. The recordings were taken around Leveld, a village in the municipality of Ål, between Oslo and Bergen.

Digital and vinyl on bandcamp now

Experimental Review Synth

Duoduo – Cerf​-​Volant

Release: June ’22

Lovely EP of rhythmic tones and pure drones, performed by Marc Méan (Ciat Lonbarde Cocoquantus & Plumbutter, FX) and Fabien Iannone (Serge synth & FX). A well rounded selection of five tracks that balance the lush, off-kilter plumbutter drums, with the raw tonal power of the Serge.