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Luke Sanger – Salt Water Motifs – Listening Party

Monday 16th October

Alongside the release of qd09 observatories (Ian Hawgood and Craig Tattersall), today we have the second run of CDs and cassettes of one of our most-loved quiet details albums, Salt Water Motifs by the wonderful Luke Sanger.

Stalwart of the UK music scene and beyond, Luke has been making music and performing under a number of aliases for years – from deep synthesised psychedelia to jacking techno to the most spaced-out dub-influenced electronica – he’s covered a lot of ground and each time showed his originality and unsurpassed understanding of electronic music.

Here, with Salt Water Motifs, we find we him creating an otherworldly journey with off-kilter fuzzy melodics and morphing auditory illusions – this is heady and beautiful music, taking the quiet details idea and making something truly unique.

Colourful synths, some upfront and others miles away in the ether, mix with highly processed field recordings and other gorgeous sound design, making the most of every space in this nuanced trip through time and space.

Each track is full of elements with their own quirky character and personality, there’s a huge sense of depth in this album and it flows beautifully along with each listen.

Listening parties weren’t a thing when this was released so Luke and I would love to get together with you all, whether you’ve heard it or not, to listen and chat about the album and beyond :)x

Hope you can join us!

Much love

Luke and Alex

Ambient Experimental Review Synth

S.Costa – The Radiant Point

Lovely selection of 7 works centred around the Yamaha TG33, Buchla Easel Command and OP-1 for sequencing. There’s a positivity and familiarity in the harmonic content throughout these tunes, while still still sounding very much it’s own.
Some tracks feature Laurie Spiegel-esque Buchla arpeggiations floating in and out of the stereo field, balanced with some more shiny FM-centric pieces.