Electro Review

Ara-u – Black Hole EP

No Static / Automatic – Release: 28th February 2020

Title track “Black Hole” is the one for us. A steady paced slow-building sci-fi electro transmission with a spiraling synth line like you’re on the edge of a black hole.

Review Techno

Gage – E Anthem

2 B Real – Releases 24th January 2020

The name of the EP’s title track no doubt a tribute to Kevin Saunderson’s E-Dancer moniker. Swirling chords, ecstatic vibes with a melancholic edge. When the present is grim nostalgia plays an important role, the past can look like a futuristic utopia. But this is no cheesy look back through rose-tinted spectacles, the vibe is deep. Bittersweet memories of a future-past that never quite happened.