Electro Review

Om Unit – Submerged

Submerged – Release: January 31st 2020

Posted because of the first track “Patterning”, an interesting hybrid of 160 breaks, Sheffield bleeps and an electro bassline straight out of the Aux 88 playbook.

Review Techno

Gage – E Anthem

2 B Real – Releases 24th January 2020

The name of the EP’s title track no doubt a tribute to Kevin Saunderson’s E-Dancer moniker. Swirling chords, ecstatic vibes with a melancholic edge. When the present is grim nostalgia plays an important role, the past can look like a futuristic utopia. But this is no cheesy look back through rose-tinted spectacles, the vibe is deep. Bittersweet memories of a future-past that never quite happened.