Ambient Drone Review Synth

Tomas Nordström – Ingentingskogen

Ingentingskogen or (according to google translate) ‘nothing forest’, is a new collection of drone works from Tomas Nordström, noughties techno survivor and one half of cult heroes Transexual Swedish Rebels (TSR), the greatest live techno act to come out of Sweden and possibly the world. So it’s always a welcome sight to see new material transmitting from his Stockholm base.

Ingentingskogen is solely based around the Sequential Circuits Pro One synth, layered through various effects whilst Tomas was learning to repair the instrument. The general vibe is quite dark, but varied in intensity, from the power drone zones of ‘Natten regnade I cmoll’, to the softer palettes explored in ‘Stampvall’. All of which demonstrates the juicy tonal character of the instrument, without drowning it in effects.

Lets hope this is just the beginning of more pure synth excursions from Mr Nordström!