Ambient Feature Interview

This is: Grey Skies

Last week we featured a premiere of Grey Skies – ‘Heavy Burden‘ from his new release, Year. To follow up, Elias has kindly provided some insight on his influences, composition and production techniques.

” After being a member of indie/post punk bands for more than a decade, and being a huge fan of ambient and experimental music I wanted to create a record that is totally different from what people who know my previous creations would expect.

I always used to add synth sounds to my previous records with my bands, especially with analogue synthesisers but the synth sound was never the main element of my composition. So I wanted to create a record with my synths and additional synth plug ins.

Some of the equipment i used is a 70’s micromoog, a nord lead, a microkorg and volca fm and the electro harmonix memory man for delays and reverbs. I also used old Russian synthesiser plugins. It is a sound I really love.

I always loved the saxophone sound. When I was composing most of my album tracks I believed that there is a place for the sax sound in there. As long as it was recorded it was like it breath life into the tracks.

I find inspiration in nature. Every time I see landscapes I find so many imposing and impressive images that i always find music in there. So many mysteries are hidden in nature and it is something that always intrigued me. I had many of images like these when i was composing this record.

When I listened to James Holden and the Animal Spirits it was a huge inspiration for me. Some artists that are also a big influence are Forest Swords and Rival Consoles.”

Year is available now, via FWF Records band camp.