Experimental Review

Tyler Neidermayer – This Isn’t You

Self-release 4/12/20

Vibrant electro-acoustic bass clarinet works from Tyler Neidermayer. Varied tones, textures and injections of noise to be found here, with a frankly outrageous opening 01:36 minutes to the EP.

In his words “I compose all my music through ableton live. In my studio space I’ll usually start off recording some improvisations on my clarinets and cut up samples to stretch, manipulate and make new instruments with, and from there build up the form of how I want the piece to flow. As I write I’m always thinking about how these pieces will work in live contexts and how to make these studio productions into performances. I use mics on my clarinets live along with midi controllers (push, softstep) to either capture the sound and build as I would in the studio, or to take what I’ve already made and play that fixed sound as a live instrument. This Isn’t You allowed me to explore this boundary of what is or isn’t a clarinet and place myself and my sound into new identities.”

Grab the EP and follow his future releases on band camp.