Ambient Feature Premiere

PREMIERE: Gemini Revolution – It Makes My Mind Unravel

8D Industries – Release: Aug 21st 2020

Excited to share this exclusive premiere of ‘It Makes My Mind Unravel’, from Gemini Revolutions new album Supernova Remnant. Out this week via 8D Industries.

Flatland Frequencies · PREMIERE: Gemini Revolution – It Makes My Mind Unravel

Dedric from the group shared this background information on the piece and the inspiration that led to it’s creation:

“This song grew from a loop I originally built for Slow Stars. Delaney dedicated his Oblique Strategy to honor the mistakes or using jazz terminology playing in between the notes using passive tones. We decided to back-mask the performance to create more tension to match the title. We appreciate dissonance and try to counter it with comforting background synths that add calm to the turbulence. I’d say this summarises Gemini Revolution’s approach to ambient music. It reflects our world, our cosmos, our monkey brains, as chaos pulls order apart while order works as hard to put it all back together. We gathered a lot of inspiration from Alice Coltrane’s exploration of inner harmony and outward angst.”