Ambient Review

Miracle Pond Double Drop!

Not one, but two strong releases coming soon from one of UK’s most promising new cassette label of recent times. Miracle Pond caught our ear with their fantastic Polypores album a few months back and have been releasing with consistency since. One of the few labels that really put the effort in with the artwork to perfectly match the sound.

KYRON‘s album Starlit Remembrances is a lovely piece of psych folk electronica, as you might expect from a member of Portugal’s Beautify Junkyards. A loose concept album inspired by the elements, the night sky and the phases of the moon, the music is experimental, evocative, romantic and slightly scary, like being out very late at night for the first time.  

ASA‘s album Quixotic Advances is a heady hybrid of abstract electronics, urban music and hauntology, but without all the non-fun stuff about Marx and Derrida.  The tape consists of two side long pieces that take you on a strange, circular derive through a dreamy landscape that is both alien and oddly familiar. 

Both cassettes pre-orders go live 7th August via bandcamp, it’s worth noting their tapes tend to sell out quick, so don’t sleep.