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Electro Essentials – February 2020

This month’s hottest electro new releases expertly curated and blended by our own electro and techno aficionado Jeran Portis. Highlights include selections from the hardest working man in the electro business right now, Assembler Code and Paris The Black Fu appearing in collaborations with The Exaltics, and Luxus Varta as Techmarine Bottom Feeders.


IntroThe Exaltics & Paris The Black FUSolar One
O.Y.MAssembler CodeCultivated Electronics
Propaganda DNAThe Exaltics & Paris The Black FUSolar One
The Mightiest GalaxyArtist Code 4D4144COD3 QR
Mechanical MatriarchSyrteScience Cult
CascadeCarl FinlowCraigie Knowes
Blow This B__ch DownDJ GodfatherDatabass
Close The DistanceKovyazin DSystem 108
Sons of Experimentation and WarTechmarine Bottom FeedersEPM

Image credit: “Ghost In The Machine” by Phil Richards is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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