Electro Review

Frank Kartell – Electric Sheep

LDI Records – Release Date: 03/05/2021

Very classic sounding electro from new launched LDI Records out of Holland. Deep and clean tunes from Frank Kartell, which nod to Kraftwerk (which all electro does I guess?) and more recent work of Anthony Rother.

The album pays homage to writer Philip K Dick  and in the words of the label “Side A of Electric Sheep EP evokes scenes from future mechanised worlds. Electric Sheep kicks the 12” off with a melancholic and contemplative moment followed by a steel cold and brooding venture in Voigt-Kampff.”

With the backing of Clone Distribution, this will undoubtably reach the right ears and feet out there.

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Kraftwerk: Future Music from Germany – Uwe Schütte

Book cover of "Kraftwerk: Future Music from Germany" by Uwe Schütte

This book, published just a couple of months before the death of Kraftwerk co-founder Florian Scheider earlier this year, is a timely retrospective of the band that changed the shape of popular (and not so popular) music forever.

Readers of this blog will no doubt include many die-hard Kraftwerk fans, so this general introduction probably won’t feature much information that is not already known. However, there is still something of interest to be found in this book. Aside from the usual biographies and discographies, Uwe Shütte considers the aesthetic and philosophical aspects that shaped the Kraftwerk sound and ethos.