Avant Garde Drone Electro-Acoustic Minimal Review

Christopher Otto – Rag′sma

greyfade 003 – Release: November 19th 2021

Christopher Otto, the violinist and founding member of JACK Quartet, brings a strict mathematical approach to acoustic composition and performance. Unfurling drones begin at a base frequency and methodically work their way outwards, causing shifts and minute imbalances between the (impeccably) recorded instrumentation. Utilising just intonation tuning techniques, the result is some really interesting and unique timbral combinations.

According to the blurb “Otto drew inspiration from a particularly complex interval known as the ragisma a ratio of 4375:4374. The size of this interval, 0.396 cents, is so small that most would say it cannot be perceived as such by the human ear.”

The record has a strong mathematical concept, however it works on levels that can be enjoyed purely as a great tonal record and which rewards deeper listening, especially when referencing the sleeve notes. Speaking of which, the sleeve and overall package follows in the gorgeously high production standard as set in previous greyfade releases.

Keep your eyes on greyfade for a copy.