Electro Review

The Exaltics & Paris The Black Fu – We Exist

Solar One Music – Release: 24th February 2020

On a planet destroyed by an environmental apocalypse, mysterious figures scour the landscape searching for the souls of the last remaining survivors.

Dark dystopian electro with a sci-fi comic storyline. Masters of the genre, The Exaltics, team up with Mack Goudy Jr. a.k.a. Paris The Black FU from the mighty Detroit Grand Puhbas and Techmarine Bottom Feeders.

Keeping with the comic book theme, the vinyl version comes on a picture disc featuring artwork from Abdul Haqq, the creator of The Book of Drexciya. If you like your electro with more than a touch of afro-germanic futurism this release is for you. Highly recommended, stands out from the rest.