Ambient Electro Review

Jura Soundsystem Presents -Transmission Two

Isle of Jura – Release: March 13th 2020

Ahh, the isle of Jura. Famous for it’s raw unspoilt beauty, friendly locals, whiskey and… Soundsystem? Paradoxically, the label of same name is actually based in Adelaide, distributed via Rotterdam and responsible for reissuing some proper classic tunes (Voice of Q 7″ anyone?). They also put out new music too it would appear…

A classy assortment of old and new, that doesn’t pander to current trends and fashion. If anything, there is a noticeable 80’s aesthetic to the selection here, with some of the tracks being re-edits of old tunes from the era. Daniele Pattucchi channels some indeep basslines in ‘People Come in’. Hit Man’s ‘Future Times‘ gets a welcome re-issue. ‘Afro Culture’ pays homage to a Chappell AV library music piece, that would sit nicely in any jet ski montage.

There’s some surprises here too, the ambient opener from Carl Craig (of Planet E) sets a scene for the rest to follow. Bochum Welt brings the vintage Rephlex vibe, while a beautiful (if slightly off-piste amongst the electro) folk piece from Māori composer Hirini Melbourne sits at towards the end. Before perhaps the biggest surprise, a new age meditation track with a lifted Jeff Bridges feel-good spoken word (!) closes up proceedings.

Kudos to the label owners for curating an interesting compilation of tracks, that clearly reflects their personal taste and appeals to picky snobs like myself.