Aesthetics Culture

Environmental Micro-Listening Exercise #3 [World Listening Day]

Recording situation: Midnight small town sounds. In the distance the hum of a factory on the night shift can be heard, occasional passing traffic and sounds of nature. Recorded for World Listening Day 2023.

Micro listening is the practice of deliberately focussing on elements of a sound environment that may pass unnoticed in everyday experience. Listening to sounds in this way can lead to a magnification of our experiences. The finer details of sound become magnified enabling us to notice the effects these may have on the psyche. Any sound can be the subject of a micro-listening, recorded sounds or real-life ambiences function equally as well. There is no preference for ‘natural’ or ‘artificial’ sounds as there is no ‘nature’ from which human beings are separate from, just one universe which acts upon and is acted upon by us. The point of a micro-listening is to remind the listener that they and the sound form part of the same acoustic environment.