Electro Radio Techno

Luke Sanger – Mutant Radio 14/4/21

Mutant Radio · Luke Sanger [Flatland Frequencies] [14.04.2021]


Blacklight SmokeLines (The Hacker Remix)
DexorcistKindred Spirit
Blacklight SmokeYour Own Hands (Blacklight Smoke Remix)
Luke’s AngerTechno Nerds
X-Coast Track 4
Franck KartellElectric Sheep
Matt WhiteheadMystery of Mysteries
Luke’s Anger Space Grunge
RNBWSNothing But Hardcore
DexorcistLuna Saturni
X-CoastTrack 1
Jerome HillLeague Against Jazz
Ben PestTilt Lock
Premiere Techno

PREMIERE: OverworX – You Better Know

Overworx – Release: 10th April 2020

Amidst the bleak lockdowns, the echoing mantras of “stay indoors” and other rituals that present themselves in our newly enforced climate, art and creativity take on new meaning and importance.

Cookie-cutter dance music and bandwagon-hopping DJs have been ruthlessly sucked out the airlock, floating in limbo and directionless. Luckily for us, it appears the realness is surviving, like mutated roots waiting to bust through the veneer and grow back harder and more twisted than before.

Utopian future or dystopian state. Whatever happens post-virus, you can be sure Ben Pest will be providing the gritty, fucked-up soundtrack.

Pre-order here

Acid Electro Radio Techno

Electro Techno Essentials – April 2020

Jeran Portis presents a selection of the finest forthcoming and recent electro, techno and acid tracks to find their way to us through the Flatland Frequencies inbox. Expect experimental but floor-friendly electro from Second Storey, deep and driving techno from the Anti Patriot and an amazingly epic builder of a track by Architectural.


Acid Electro House Radio Techno

Techno and House Essentials – February 2020

Another Jeran Portis blend of the finest new releases, this time concentrating more on the house and techno end of things, with some deep electro thrown in at the end.

Highlights include a remix of Girls of the Internet by Mark Broom, abstract minimal experiments by Makaton and some atmospheric electro by Annie Hall.