Ambient Experimental Premiere

PREMIERE: Lee Evans – Puss Caterpillar

Human Pitch – Release: 8th May 2020

Regular readers and listeners will have noticed we rather like this new record from Lee Evans. So we feel extra privileged to share an exclusive premiere of the opening track, from his new LP ‘Aphasic Forest’, released on Friday via Human Pitch!

Sit back and enjoy the immersive microscopic world he creates in ‘Puss Caterpillar’:

Flatland Frequencies · PREMIERE: Lee Evans – Puss Caterpillar
Ambient Radio

Flatland Frequencies 30/4/20


  1. Natal Uranus – Sea Urchin
  2. Pools Of Light – Field Lines Cartographer
  3. Wind Chimes – Denis Smalley
  4. Untitled – Taylor Deupree (Live In Melbourne)
  5. Why On Earth – Polypores
  6. Etxeberri – Luke Abbott & Jack Wyllie
  7. Horizon I’ve Ever Seen Before – Hiroshi Yoshimura
  8. Cosmic Time – Field Lines Cartographer
  9. Loose Truth – Jack Jutson
  10. Quiet Tempest – Valotihkuu
Electro Experimental Review

Datassette – Void Fill Product

Bandcamp: Out Now

16 tracks of pure dopeness from Datassette on this self-released LP via bandcamp.

Electro Review

Various Artists – Carebot$

Bass Agenda – Release: 15th May 2020

Over 100 artists from the full spectrum of the electro scene have come together thanks to the work of Bass Agenda Records to create a fundraising compilation for the benefit of NHS Charities Together and Médecins Sans Frontières

Ambient Radio

Flatland Frequencies 23/4/20


1 Flatland Frequencies (Intro) – Luke Sanger
2 Fire – Sister Irene O’Connor (Fire Of God’s Love)
3 Ramesside Dream Manual – Lee Evans (Aphasic Forest)
4 Everyone – Jogging House (Chants)
5 Fragile II – Kryshe (Continuum)
6 Tadpoles – Polypores (Brainflowers)
7 pou morimoto – naoki (hibi)
8 Flight of the Raven – Emerald Web (Dragon Wings and Wizard Tales)
9 Dusk – Valotihkuu (By the River)
10 Serenade – Eivind Aarset & Jan Bang (Snow Catches on Her Eyelashes)
11 spiral – dan derks (phylum)
12 Knowledge Particle – Ali Wade (Microhumans)
13 Afternoon – Julianna Barwick (Circumstance Synthesis)
14 Latibule – Bedroom (A Thousand Harmonies in Silence)
15 Tape Loop 30-09-2019 – Valotihkuu (Patreon)
17 spoiled water – dan derks (phylum)
18 Pyrenees dreams (Slight Return) – Sanger (Pyrenees Dreams)
19 Human – Loops (Soundcloud)
20 5G (The Other Frequency) – Polypores (Universe B)
21 Ziwzih Ziwzih 00-00-00 – Delia Derbyshire (BBC Radiophonic Music)
22 Puss Caterpillar – Lee Evans (Aphasic Forest)
23 Night – Julianna Barwick (Circumstance Synthesis)
24 Overmind – Ali Wade (Microhumans)
25 Hangingstones – Craven Faults (Erratics & Unconformities)
26 Chance – Jogging House (Chants)
27 kino morimoto – naoki (hibi)
28 Reset Loop – Bedroom (A Thousand Harmonies in Silence)
29 Two Days in June – Eivind Aarset & Jan Bang (Snow Catches on Her Eyelashes)

Review Techno

JTC – Wells Orbit (Rojava Aragon)

Bopside – Release: 10th April 2020

The paradox of techno music is that it exists in some kind of timeless zone of existence where past, present and future merge into one. A music that was about exploring the future is now entering its fourth decade. Like all explorations of worlds-to-be they often reveal more about the times that they were composed in then a future yet to be.


Returning to the Airwaves

Flatland Frequencies originated as a radio show in 2016. After some time away from the airwaves, we are returning next Thursday (23rd April) 10pm – midnight and every week thereafter. On Future Radio 107.8FM (Norwich area) and online via

Expect the finest in Ambient / Techno / Elektronische Musik.

All shows will be archived and tracklists posted here for posterity.

Ambient Review

Lee Evans – Aphasic Forest

Human Pitch – Release: May 8th 2020

Lee Evans (not the comedian) provides a glimpse into the microcosmos via the means of modular synthesis, in this delicate collection of generative compositions on Human Pitch records.


The Tyranny of the New

In art and everyday life are we dominated by an endless quest for the new? Composer Claire van Kampen, film director Sophie Fiennes, music journalist Ammar Kalia and musician Brian Eno discuss and explain their ideas in this 40 minute debate.

Minimal Wave Review

Antenna – Alejandro / Wuthering

Perhaps Kate Bush and Lady Gaga cover versions may be unexpected on the pages of Flatland Frequencies but our long time favourite Antenna has done an excellent job with these reimaginings. Trademark crunchy lo-fi 909 beats fuse with crystal cold digital chords making an irresistible package that sits somewhere on the intersection of coldwave, techno and house music. This self-released EP is available through Bandcamp as a pay what you feel download.