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Sseagulls – Mutant Radio 13/3/21

Mutant Radio · Sseagulls [Flatland Frequencies] [13.03.2021]
Zoe De Souza Clearwater
Nick IngmanLazy River 1
Tim BurnessTouch Together
Duncan MacKay Gin Sing
Cath BaxterCanon in D
Wolfgang KaferSpellbound
Orchestra ArcanaLife Class
Jimi BazookaCountryman Pt 2
Anaalivaihe0.11.2012 (Gatto Fritto Edit)
Dane CloseJohnny Hatez Jizz
Soft RocksThe Crazy Frog
Tarjei NygardSuratkorps (Target’s Handarbeidsversjon)
Klaus KrugerMetallic
John Cooper Clarke(I Married A) Monster From Outer Space
Man from UranusAeroplane to Australia
The MetronomesSex I
Tombo no YuMineral
Ash Black BuffloGo ‘way Old Ghosts
Lewis HunterBye Then
Ambient Electro Experimental Radio Synth

Luke Sanger – Mutant Radio 13/3/21

Mutant Radio · Luke Sanger [Flatland Frequencies] [13.03.2021]
Gareth E Rees & PolyporesEverything is Interesting
Lewis HunterBuilds Ago Ekei
ApologistNo Closer Than The Moon
Passepartout DuoEpigram III
Me Lost MeNightingale (accapella)
Dead LegA Series of Embrasures
Andrew TuttleAscending Spring Clean
Passepartout DuoEpigram V
Lewis Hunter Bye Then
LampeoDying Energy
Controlled WeirdnessDrifting Through The Streets
Gareth E Rees & PolyporesDream Motion Trip
Ambient Dub Radio Techno

Jeran Portis – Mutant Radio 13th March 2021


Aura Minimum – Fragment I (Strange Key)

Krisz Deak – Playa (ODrex Music)

Mathimidori – Maiia (Echocord)

Heavenchord – H.C.R.D.3 (Insectorama)

Gradient – Changes (Thinner)

El Choop – Insane Seeds (Echocord)

Occult – Axum (Cold Tear)

Gradient – Cloud One (Ranges)

Shulz Audio – The Gathering (Self-released)

Lux – Data (Deepchord)

Phantom Network – Deuterium (Odrex Music)

Ambient Experimental Review

Polypores & Gareth E. Rees – Deep Motion Trips

Miracle Pond (Subconscious Suggestions) – 3/3/21

The second release in the new Subconscious Series from Miracle Pond, a sister label, focusing on more long-form, deep listening concepts.

Stepping up this time round, prolific electronics wizard Polypores has “mind-melded with best selling author Gareth E. Rees to create Deep Motion Trips“.  

The result of this collab is a mad concoction could be best described as 1980s new age meditation meets kitchen sink realism, which kept me hooked throughout the two 10 minute pieces.

Expect full previews of these on the next Flatland Frequencies Mutant Radio show, on the 13th March.

Ambient Beats Dub Review

Apologist – Air Foundry

Frequency Domain – March 2021

Eight tracks of lush electronics from Apologist. Moving from dub techno openings with ‘Architects Dub’, into expansive ambient soundscapes with ‘No Closer Than The Moon’ and an upbeat sunrise chugger in ‘Landfall’.

Although a wide range of styles are covered here, the sounds are not disparate and hold together nicely as an album. Individual tracks hold up from a DJ perspective too, so should be something in here for everyone. TIP!

Ambient Culture Film

Susumu Taka – Bright Days & Peaceful Nights

On a cold, snowy evening of the social distanced winter of 2021 we take stock and drift back not so many months to the warm summer of 2019 when this video was shot, on a mini-DV Handycam, in various locations around Felixstowe. The music is inspired by Japanese Environmental music and was composed on Nanoloop IOS. If you want more visit Penname records.

Ambient Radio

Flatland Frequencies 23/1/21

Mutant Radio · ‘Flatland Frequencies’ w. Luke Sanger [23.01.2021]


Ryan J RaffaSF Dreams
Marcus FischerMonocoastal (pt1)
Bass ClefMaze 1
Stars of the LidThe Lonely People (Are Getting Lonelier)
Yumi IwakiMidAir
Lee EvansHolotropic Breathwork
HainbackOut Of Darker Days
Ambient Dub Experimental Radio Techno

Jeran Portis – Mutant Radio 23rd Jan 2021

Frost Patrol (Ambience)Aura MinimumModern Nature
Mystical DynamicsMr. CloudyODrex Music
Hordes DescentFluxionSubWax
Starlight (Echospace Unreleased Mix)Model 500Echospace
WaterfoolNarson NelsonInsectorama
While In LockdownJon Dixon / minor INVENTION4EVR 4WRD
Optimal Power FlowRob StrobEMotech
MijoteC HH ICKInsectorama
Ela Konta MouJor-GGreyscale
Ambient Review

Rikaar – IC 1848

Apollo (R&S) – 29/1/21

Classic, filmic synthscapes from Belgium duo Rikaar.

Big pads and pianos drenched in that reverb (think Eventide blackhole preset), gives these tracks a strong Vangelis vibe. Fans of sci-fi film music will feel at home here. The composition is tight and production values are high, which certainly gives the tracks a professional sheen, as associated with modern DAW-based soundtrack production.

Ambient is such a broad encompassing term these days, which can be used to describe anything from functionalist minimal Eno-school ambient, Japanese DX7 reductionism, modular experimentalism, all the way to epic-sounding soundtrack music (of which end of the spectrum this release lies).

Sci-fi music we collectively adhere to as ‘classics’, all have something in common. From the Barron brothers otherworldly soundtrack in Forbidden Planet, Derbyshire’s original Dr Who theme, Vangelis Blade Runner soundtrack, all the way up to the return of raw analogue synths in the Stranger Things soundtrack. In all examples, the composers used technology in new and unexpected ways to portray a theme of the future. With this in mind, in terms of originality and inventiveness, IC 1848 doesn’t push any boundaries in term of sound design. However the composition is programmed impeccably and certainly serves its purpose.

Ambient Review

Tomas Jirku – Touching the Sublime

The goal of this album was to capture the feeling of being in awe of nature. I think we can say that, especially when accompanied with the visual work above, this goal is achieved. Minimal soundscapes, and at times discordant tones, give an impression of vast space and power. The album is also available with a custom printed book of photographs. You can find out more here. And if you’d like to know more about the label Silent Season check this excellent video by Dub Monitor.