Ambient Experimental Review

Asher Levitas & Hannah Archambault – Nous N’étions Jamais Vraiment Là

Line Explorations – 22nd Jan 2021

As we adapt to new ways of existence, projects and collaborations need to evolve alongside. Remote working is not a necessity confined to people working office jobs, but artists and musicians too.

Asher Levitas and Hannah Archambault, both with backgrounds in experimental music, collaborate (remotely via London/Paris) here, to produce a some airy, transmutative pieces.

Archambault’s deft vocal processing adds a tangible dimension to Levitas synth work and the combination is enticing. Whilst it could be generally filed under ‘ambient’, the individual tracks occupy quite distinct spaces from one another. Whether this is intentional, or possibly a by-product of collaborating remotely, is more an observation and not to detract from the quality of work.