Electro Review

DMX Krew – Loose Gears

Hypercolour – Release: 26/2/21

Mad scenes in the world today. A mutated virus ravages the locked down streets. Far right mobs freely take capitol house in Washington. Brexit means, Brexit? Thankfully, DMX Krew the saviour has returned to rescue us from the insanity, with something we can all rely on. Dope-ass electro beats!

Ed is back to melodic, bleepy form in ‘Loose Gears’, keeping things light and funky, with those trademark pentatonic Roland riffs all present and correct. Knocking out 11 trax here, including nods to tunes he likes. ‘Dejected Ambient Twerp’, for example, not sounding unlike to AFX tune, on album of similar name.

But it’s the closing track ‘Sounds Good’ which stands out, an electro pop instrumental with some great guest vocals (possibly from his daughter?), which get morphed into a synth line.

As with all DMX Krew releases, you should really know by now, buy on sight.

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