Ambient Review

PJS – Protection

Golden Ratio Frequencies – Release: 20th July 2020

PJS, the collaborative name for Patrick Dique and Jordan Christoff, have put out a few cassettes over the last 2 years, on a range of labels we have featured on our radio show, such as Leaving Records, Salmon Universe and Constellation Tatsu.

Their latest offering on Golden Ratio Frequencies features two long-form pieces covering side A and B of the cassette respectively. Light and airy drones wash across the stereo sphere and fill the space between the speakers with enveloping and evolving cloud-like sound objects. A keen balance of frequencies throughout, without falling into the tempting reverb trap that many producers in the genre tend to lean on when starting out.

High grade material and a tip of the hat to the mastering engineer, who appears to have contributed to the created process with some added sparkle and sheen.

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