Experimental Review

Nuel – Fantasia

Apollo/R&S – Release: 17/7/20

A balanced mix of organic and electronic sounds in this meticulously produced album from Neul. Formally known for their techno output, in ‘Fantasia’ Americana meets trance in this cross-over album.

It’s a hard one to place, on the one hand these could work in a DJ set, as the tracks have a kind of loopy ‘techno’ approach to the compositions. The press release makes some bold claims in “beguiling” and “utterly compelling”, although as a full length album in the ‘band’ sense, it is lacking in any solid hooks, which for a purely instrumental project, feels like the (admittedly impressive) production values outweigh the potential musical statement.

For certain, I could definitely see these tracks existing in sets on the sort of beach bar/poolside DJ scene, or in the chillout tent at a trance festival.