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Draugr – Semantic Deprivation EP

Techno Is The Devil’s Music – Release: 7th August 2020

A friend asked me the other day “hasn’t all the techno been made yet?”.

Techno is the Devils Music · Draugr – Semantic Deprivation [TITDM03]

In some sense there is some truth in the question. Raw, distorted 4/4 drum machine + synth tracks have been released with some regularity for a few decades now and the variations in style and execution can sometimes be subtle to spot between a hard techno example from say, 1996 and 2020. However, the beauty of this unglamorous sound is it exists purely to serve a distinct purpose, for a certain place and moment in time (dancing in dark, strobe-lit rooms come to mind).

‘Techno is The Devil’s Music’, is keeping this raw sound alive and in this outing Draugr provides four consistently dirgy and hard trax, with a loving attention to detail. ‘Fractured’ is the one for me, the Birken-esque distorted fills in the second half ticks all the boxes.