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Various Artists – Carebot$

Bass Agenda – Release: 15th May 2020

Over 100 artists from the full spectrum of the electro scene have come together thanks to the work of Bass Agenda Records to create a fundraising compilation for the benefit of NHS Charities Together and Médecins Sans Frontières

Andy Bass Agenda explains: “After over 100 releases I was planning on taking a break from the label from March but as this Corona Virus pandemic became more and more serious, I really felt like doing something tangible to help.  Like many people I am out of work thanks to this crisis and I wanted to do something meaningful and creative with my time.  I was getting the same kind of messages from artists both on the label and in the wider Electro/Techno community.  Having done large charity release projects before I knew this could be done.”

He continues, “I posted on Facebook and approached a few contacts saying I was thinking of doing it and to get in touch if they wanted to get involved.  A week later I had over 70 artists up for the challenge.  It is a beautiful thing to see so many talented people getting involved, from newcomers to established leaders in the scene like Carl Finlow, John Selway, Detroit’s Filthiest, Dez Williams, and Radioactive Man.”

“As for where the money from the release will go, I chose NHS Charities Together because they represent over 100 NHS charities and will distribute donations amongst them and also have a specific Covid-19 campaign running.  Médecins Sans Frontières are the other organisation that will receive profits from the release.  I wanted to include one that worked beyond the UK to reflect the international nature of the crisis and the fact that the Electro and Techno communities are global too.”