Review Techno

JTC – Wells Orbit (Rojava Aragon)

Bopside – Release: 10th April 2020

The paradox of techno music is that it exists in some kind of timeless zone of existence where past, present and future merge into one. A music that was about exploring the future is now entering its fourth decade. Like all explorations of worlds-to-be they often reveal more about the times that they were composed in then a future yet to be.

The music in this release fits this timeless mould. Wooden sounding FM bass sounds and rising chords evoke images of an undiscovered B12 recording from the early 90s. The track title likely a homage to the rebels of Rojava and the peasants of Aragon who tried to create utopia in their respective here and now.

Composed by Tadd Mullinix, one half of 2 AM/FM, this is billed as the first of five digital singles to be released in 2020. This one is highly rated and we look forward to the others.