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Lee Evans – Aphasic Forest

Human Pitch – Release: May 8th 2020

Lee Evans (not the comedian) provides a glimpse into the microcosmos via the means of modular synthesis, in this delicate collection of generative compositions on Human Pitch records.

Amongst the throng of producers using modular synths and automated techniques to make their sounds, occasionally an album bubbles to the surface that combines these technologies with actual artistic sensibilities and musical narrative. Aphasic Forest is one such album.

There is a shiny, insect-like quality to the sound design, which is consistent throughout the 10 tracks and helps provides a microscopic view into a lush hidden world, inhabited by minute technicolor creatures.

Percussive and plucked synth polyrhythms provide the main bedding throughout, while multiples of time signatures cause melodic eruptions of arpeggiations. The combination is gently hypnotic, but successfully side-steps any mental intensity imparted on the listener.

Available May 8th via Human Pitch

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