Ambient Review

Stephen Prince – ‘The Corn Mother: Night Wraths’

A Year In The Country – Release: 16th March 2020

Eerie electronica, characterised by distant synthetic messages and spindly environmental noise. The latest offering from A Year In The Country, continues with earthy drones and odd folklore in both it’s sound design and accompanying Novella.

As with previous releases on the label, ‘The Corn Mother: Night Wraths’ keeps to a high production standard, with an attractive CD offering and printed novella. Based around the imaginary theme of a long lost film, there’s plenty to get lost in. The attention to detail is commendable, with the book and album’s structure being inspired by the cycle of the year, having 52 chapters with each containing no more than 365 words. The album itself has seven tracks, as per days in the week.

The tracks themselves are unsettling, but not jarring or harsh. More akin to the soundtrack to a bleak sci-fi horror. The production sparseness allows the mind to absorb the individual sound objects, which are varied in texture and focus.